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How Can You Prepare Yourself For Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery?

Are you a candidate for laparoscopic gallbladder surgery? Well, then this one is for you.

Gallbladder removal is one of the most commonly performed surgery. Laparoscopic gallbladder removal is popularly known as Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. The gallbladder is a small organ located near the liver. It stores bile that helps in digestion. If it does not work properly, then small stones start to form. These are called gallstones. They do not go away on their own. Around 80% people with gallstones need a surgery. Any surgery sounds like a pain. But with the laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, the patients suffer less pain. Laparoscopy surgery is the most advanced type of surgery in the surgical world. With an advanced technology, a surgery is made simpler through this method. It requires a minimum duration of stay in the hospital, lesser pain, and scars. You can actually get back to your normal routine in a very less time as compared to a general surgery.

A surgery requires a lot of preparation to make it a success. You have to prepare yourself, physically and mentally both in order to start this journey. Let us look at some common occurring prior to the surgery. Although each surgeon and patient is unique, some common facts remain the same.

  • Start with medical evaluation, blood tests, and ECG depending on your age and medical condition.
  • Your surgeon will examine you on the basis of the above in order to understand the benefits and risks involved in the operation.
  • After the surgeon is fully satisfied, you will be asked to provide a written consent for the surgery.
    Do not shave your abdomen before the surgery.
  • Once you are prepared for the surgery, you will be hospitalized.
  • Your surgeon will recommend you to take the shower the previous night or in the morning of the operation using an antibiotic soap.
  • The night before the operation, you should stop eating or drinking.
  • Only take the medicines prescribed by the surgeon on the morning of the surgery.
  • After a successful operation, you can get discharged within 24 hours and return to work within 72 hours.
  • Some drugs including blood thinners, anti-inflammatory medicines, and Vitamin E may need to be stopped temporarily as per the surgeon’s guidance.

By following these guidelines, you can surely make a good comeback after the surgery very soon.

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