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ICU Varanasi Hospital

We, at Varanasi Hospital, have an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for patients requiring quick and consistent medical attention. Our ICU has numerous beds and advanced equipment to monitor every patient struggling with a critically ill condition.

Our ICU is designed to meet the needs of adult patients in unstable condition. We provide intensive care by monitoring each patient 24 hours a day. Emergency medical and surgical cares are provided to patients whenever necessary.

Patients admitted to the ICU of Varanasi Hospital are attended by experienced and skilled physicians at regular intervals. The physicians perform patient care rounds every day to monitor the fluctuations in the health condition of every patient. Appropriate medical care is prescribed upon these rounds.

The nurses attending the patients are highly trained to handle several unstable conditions. Constant access to nurses is offered to the patients in the ICU to ensure utmost safety. Generally, we offer a dedicated nurse for every bed in the ICU.

We understand that the patients and their families have a daunting picture about an ICU. Keeping this in mind, we help a patient physically through proper medication and motivate them to be mentally strong. In addition to this, we interact with a patient’s family and support them to be strong.

Equipped in our ICU are a diverse range of monitoring devices, medicines, surgical tools and operational equipment. Some of the most essential tools in our wards are central oxygen lines, ventilator, pumps and feeding tubes along with defibrillators.

At Varanasi Hospital, we schedule meetings for doctors and patients’ families. This allows a patient’s family to understand the medical condition of a patient. Apart from this, family members are allowed to meet and interact with a patient at a scheduled time routinely.



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