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Liver Operation Varanasi

“A myth is an image in terms of which we try to make sense of the world.”- Alan Watts

Liver diseases are very prevalent these days, that so many people are getting liver operation. An untreated or prolonged liver disease can result in cancer or cirrhosis.

However, liver disease doesn’t mean it can’t be treated or people won’t get better. There are some myths about liver diseases that have plagued so many people’s mind. Here we present the 5 facts about the colloquial myths regarding liver diseases for everyone’s convenience.

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Alcoholics get affected by the liver disease:

Facts– Liver diseases are not circulated among alcohol drinkers. There are several other reasons to get affected by a liver disease. The non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is one of them. It doesn’t affect a person for alcohol drinking, a completely non-drinker can have this. It can onset in people who are suffering from diabetes, obesity and having an increased level of triglycerides in the blood.

A regular blood test can detect liver disease:

Facts– Normal blood tests that are prescribed by doctors aren’t the ones that can detect any liver disease. This requires different blood tests like ASAT and ALAT. These are the tests that can detect the underlying damage of the liver. It can detect if the liver cells are getting destroyed or the bile secretion.

Yellow skin can show up for liver disease:

Facts– There are so many liver diseases that don’t even show any signs of it. Cirrhosis, hepatitis a, b or c might show after so many years. Normal pain or ache in the stomach might have seen which can happen for a bad diet.

Coffee is good:

Facts– It’s definitely good if no sugar is added and not taken more than 3 times a day. Limited intake of coffee will keep the liver healthy, as it has proven for cirrhosis.

Myths will be there so will be the facts. However, setting a blind eye to the myths might be harmful, so it’s better to know the facts behind every myth. It will not only keep the darkness away and also keep one away from getting a liver operation.


“There is no such thing as an ‘incurable’ disease.” -Dan Brule

Pancreatitis is the swollen and inflamed state of the pancreas where the organ cannot function properly, and certainly, it can be cured. As we know pancreas is one of the crucial organs in our body, which balances the blood sugar level and helps in digestion. So any medical condition regarding pancreas should be diagnosed and treated thoroughly, and in severe cases, a pancreatic surgery is needed too.

Read more about the common disorders of pancreas: Know the most common disorders of the pancreas

If you’re suffering from pancreatitis for a long time, your doctor might recommend you to get a pancreatic surgery to get a cure for it, but after the surgery, you need to follow a diet and avoid some foods to achieve full recovery.

Here, we list 5 foods that you should avoid after pancreatitis.

Refined carbs:

Pancreatic Surgery Varanasi

Avoid refined carbs at any cost. These do not have any healthy nutrients in it like whole wheat has. It will only complicate your digestive system and worsen your situation. Go for whole wheat as much as you can.

High-fat foods:

 Pancreatic Surgery Varanasi

Don’t go for fried foods. No matter how much you salivate over, french fries and burgers, avoid them like plague. Your pancreas is recovering, you must give it the time it requires to digest fat. Stick to skim milk instead of whole.

Red meat:

Pancreatic Surgery Varanasi

It’s delicious, but not for your health because it contains saturated fat and has a high cholesterol level. It’s better to get used to chicken, which is lean meat and will not harm your health. You can add fish to your diet too.


Pancreatic Surgery Varanasi

Alcohol creates damage than any other things. Avoid it at any cost, because pancreas enzymes will not digest it properly, thus the problems might come back. Alcohol not only will affect your pancreas, but will do severe damage.

Sugary treats:

Pancreatic Surgery Varanasi

Refrain from eating foods with high sugar. The pancreas is recovering and might not adjust to the new level of sugar in the blood. Stay away from sugary treats if offered by anyone, and try consuming less sugar while you recover.

Follow your diet and avoid the above-mentioned foods to recover quickly.



Colorectal Surgery Varanasi

“Your lifestyle- how you live, eat, emote and think- determines your health. To prevent disease you may have to change how you live.”- Brian Carter

A colorectal disease is not a thing to ignore and sit with it for days. It definitely needs a doctor’s attention and lifestyle changes to get a permanent cure for it. A colorectal surgery might become necessary in cases of prolonged suffering.

Here we list 7 tips to avoid colorectal disease for your convenience.

Read about colon cancer here: 10 Risk factors of colon Cancer

Get a diagnosis:

If you’re suffering from any rectal discomfort for some days, it’s best to consult a doctor and get a diagnosis first. Your doctor will prescribe your medical treatment.

Exercise daily:

Don’t miss out on your daily exercise. It will not only keep you energetic, but your organs running properly and will reduce the risk of colorectal disease.

Eat fruits and green vegetables:

Try to avoid fast food as much as possible and stick to fresh fruits and green vegetables. Add lean meat, seafood to your diet, it will reduce the risk of rectal diseases.

Take vitamin D and calcium:

These will save you from the risk of colorectal diseases. Consult with your doctor about this and take the supplements daily without a miss.

Stop smoking:

Smoking can affect you with many diseases. It’s not recommended for any situation. So stop smoking immediately to reduce the chances of rectal disease.

Check your weight:

If you’re suffering from obesity, you might get affected by a colorectal disease. Follow a diet and exercise regularly to not become obese and dodge the risks of rectal disorders.

Follow these 7 guidelines to reduce the risk of colorectal disease, and if you’re still suffering from any rectal condition, consult your doctor and get a colorectal surgery.

Liver surgery Varanasi

“Is life worth living? It all depends on the liver.”- William James

Liver is an important organ of the body and a healthy life does depend on this one, as its first task is highly connected with the digestive system. Thus, you need to watch out for what you eat or drink, because regular imbalances in your diet can prove fatal for your liver and a liver surgery might become inevitable.

Keeping the well-being of your liver in mind, here we present 5 tips that will help you avoid liver damage and will lead you towards a healthy life.

To know further about a healthy liver read more: A healthy liver sign healthy metabolism

1. Follow a healthy diet.

Add more green vegetables and fruits into your diet and avoid street food. Eat fish that is low in mercury and lean meat is recommendable.

Liver surgery Varanasi


2. Limit alcohol :

Putting a limit on your drinking behaviour will be good for your liver. We are not stopping you from drinking, but making it occasional will save you from getting a liver surgery.

Liver surgery Varanasi


3. Exercise daily :

Do not miss your daily exercise, as it will keep your body energized and healthy. Even if you have cheated on your diet for one day, exercise will help you get over the guilt.

Liver surgery Varanasi

4. Skip fad diet :

Eating less will not make you thin, but it can be perilous for your liver. So eat in exact proportion, better to follow a doctor prescribed diet.

Liver surgery Varanasi


5. Stop smoking :

Smoking is not good for your health from any side. Smoking damages the liver severely, so say no to smoking if you’re approached by your friends.

Liver surgery Varanasi

As mentioned above, liver is a crucial organ in our body. It’s your duty to make your life worth of living by taking care of it. Follow these above-mentioned tips and enjoy a healthy and long life.





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