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We, at Varanasi Hospital, offer medical services for children ranging from a new-born baby to a teenager up to 18 years. We have a dedicated section for curing infants and children suffering from any health problem; whether it’s a minor issue or a major disease. At Varanasi Hospital, we take special pride in taking care of your children’s health.

Our pediatricians are routinely practitioners with a remarkable success rate in curing kids. We ensure proper safety and well-being of infants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our specialist pediatrician, Dr. Anuradha Jauhari, is an MBBS and MD with an experience of more than 21 years in the field of pediatrics. She has cured thousands of infants and kids till date through medicinal practices and surgeries.

The nurses that take care of kids at Varanasi Hospital are well trained and experienced. They provide medications to kids as prescribed by a pediatrician. Our nurses are trained to handle the kids in unstable conditions. They also provide active assistance to pediatricians during a pediatric surgery. At Varanasi Hospital, our nurses discuss the heath stability of children with their families and seek to maintain a compassionate environment.

We offer dedicated doctors for kids experiencing orthopedic conditions. As the body of every child is in developmental state, we recommend and provide treatment without any kind of delay. Our doctors are experienced in handling different types of orthopedic conditions in children and adolescents. Thus, at Varanasi Hospital, we provide quality care to infants as well as adolescents.

Pediatrics is a huge medical department that deals with health problems and diseases in children lesser than 18 years of age. From common cold to hip dislocation, we provide medical assistance to cure every problem related to a kid. We understand that the healthy future of a child is the first priority of every parent.

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