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Obstetrics and Gynecology

Gynecology Varanasi Hospital

We, at Varanasi Hospital, take pride in offering medical & surgical care to women experiencing problems in their reproductive system. We provide full range of services related to pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease and other reproductive problems. Our services include family planning consultation, preventative care and prenatal care.

At Varanasi Hospital, we have obstetrician-gynecologist to provide complete solutions to women. Our obstetrics deal with women that are pregnant. The specialist gynecologist in our clinic take utmost care of females experiencing reproductive problems or suffering from sexually transmitted disease.

Women with critical reproductive disorders or birth-related problems are handled by obstetrician-gynecologist. Dr. Namrata Agrawal, an MBBS and MS, is the head of department of the obstetrics and gynecology department at the Varanasi Hospital. She has cured women with several critical reproductive disorders and conducted pregnancy consultation for a decade.

At Varanasi Hospital, we ensure quality care for women. We cure women suffering from chronic medical conditions, adolescent reproductive problems, cancer, endocrinology, urinary tract disorders and infertility.

Does this department include cancer?

The team of gynecologists at Varanasi Hospital offer extensive care to patients suffering from gynecologic cancer. We examine the medical condition and health stability of woman diagnosed with this deadly problem. Our analysis provides the base for developing an appropriate treatment strategy for every patient.

What are the pregnancy services that we offer?

At Varanasi Hospital, we take pride in offering complete mother & child care. Our service begins with family planning consultation and goes beyond delivery. It includes check-ups at regular intervals, pregnancy care and delivery through the most suitable method. We ensure a safe medical condition and surgery for the mother as well as the baby.

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