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We, at Varanasi Hospital, detect a disease through various pathological tests.

We follow the advanced laboratory analysis procedures to ensure utmost relevancy and accuracy of reports. The test of blood & bodily fluids includes analysis of saliva, blood, semen, pleural fluid, cervical fluid, ascitic fluid and pericardial fluid. Our pathologists analyze the health condition and stability of our patients and discuss the most appropriate treatment with the clinicians.

At Varanasi Hospital, we provide various pathological services, including general pathology, biochemistry & hematology.

Dr. Himani Rastogi is one of the experienced pathologists at Varanasi Hospital. Being an MBBS and MD, she has been practicing pathology for a decade. She has a remarkable track record in detecting the diagnosis of diseases through various pathological examinations.

Patients and their families do not generally require to meet pathologists. However, pathologists play a crucial role in diagnosing a disease. We, at Varanasi Hospital, provide one of the best pathological services in eastern U.P.

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