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Chest and Respiratory Medicine

Chest and Respiratory Medicine

We, at Varanasi Hospital, offer medicinal solutions to patients suffering from respiratory problems. We are equipped with the most advanced and useful tools for monitoring the respiratory organs of our patients. Our doctors and nurses keep a track of fluctuations in respiratory system of every patient and use appropriate medicine or equipment whenever necessary.

Human respiratory system comprises of many organs; such as nose, nasal cavity, oral cavity, trachea, lungs, bronchi and maxillary sinus. Many of these organs are exposed to a number of problems and diseases. Due to fluctuations in performance of respiratory organs, a person experiences some mild problems as well as some life-threatening diseases. Some common chest and respiratory problems are common cold, bacterial pneumonia, asthma, malignant tumour, respiratory tract infection and lung cancer.

The medicinal practice for curing respiratory infection involves many things. For instance, a patient needs to undergo several lung function tests, blood test and urine test when prescribed by a physician. Apart from this, several monitoring solutions such as ECG, X-Ray and CT Scanning are done at regular intervals to check the progress of an infected organ.

At the Varanasi Hospital, we analyse the condition of every patient’s chest and respiratory organs. Upon the check-up, our doctors analyse various reports to find the infected area. Medicinal and surgical approaches are then practiced to cure a patient in the most appropriate way.

Our doctors are skilled and experienced in this area of medicinal science. We provide the best medicines and treatments to our patients; ensuring high level of safety. We discuss the condition of a patient with their family, and recommend the most appropriate medicinal practice for treatment. Our well-trained nurses monitor the stability of a patient and provide them with medicines on time.

We, at Varanasi Hospital, routinely handle many patients experiencing chest problems or infections. Our advanced medicinal approaches and equipment makes us one of the best hospitals for respiratory medicines in Varanasi.

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