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    Laparoscopic Surgery

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    Gallbladder Stone Surgery

    Overcome the problem of gallstones through a comprehensive surgery.

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    Hernia Treatment

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VARANASI HOSPITAL- Laparoscopic Surgery Hospital in Varanasi


Keeping Alive... The Hope of Life!

Varanasi Hospital and Medical Research Centre is a healthcare unit established about 25 years ago. It is a specialty hospital in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh that provides medical assistance and surgical expertise to patients suffering from a diverse range of health problems.

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  • Pancreatic Surgery

    The pancreas is situated in the upper left side of the abdomen, behind the stomach. It is enclosed by liver, spleen and small intestine. We help you overcome pancreatic problems through laparoscopic surgery.

  • Liver Operation

    Liver is a vital organ located beneath the diaphragm, on top of stomach, in the upper right portion in the abdominal cavity. We, at Varanasi Hospital, provide extensive diagnosis, treatment and care for various liver conditions, particularly chronic and acute liver failure.

  • Colorectal Surgery

    The large intestine is the last portion of the gastrointestinal tract in the digestive system in human beings. It absorbs salt, minerals and water from the food after which it remains as waste material before being proceeding to rectum. Large intestine comprises of four portions named cecum, colon, rectum and anal canal.

  • Appendicitis Treatment

    We, at Varanasi hospital, offer minimally invasive appendectomy, which is a scar-less and painless surgical approach to cure appendicitis. It is one of the most common surgeries that people undergo in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Statistically, one in every 2,000 people undergoes appendectomy at some stage of his life. So what is appendix? Appendix is a […]

  • Pediatrics

    We, at Varanasi Hospital, offer medical services for children ranging from a new-born baby to a teenager up to 18 years. We have a dedicated section for curing infants and children suffering from any health problem; whether it’s a minor issue or a major disease. At Varanasi Hospital, we take special pride in taking care […]

  • Urology

    We, at Varanasi Hospital, offer urological solutions to males and females in eastern UP. This department deals with the treatment of problems related to urinary tract system; such as kidneys, adrenal glands and urethra. Problems relating to male reproductive organs are also diagnosed, monitored and cured by our doctors. Our urologists have years of experience […]

  • General Surgery

    At Varanasi Hospital, we offer a diverse range of general surgical solutions to our patients. It is a huge area of operations that are well handled by our experienced and skilled doctors. The approaches performed by our faculty ensure utmost safety of patients without compromising with the surgery’s success. Our doctors set a benchmark of […]

  • ICU

    We, at Varanasi Hospital, have an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for patients requiring quick and consistent medical attention. Our ICU has numerous beds and advanced equipment to monitor every patient struggling with a critically ill condition. Our ICU is designed to meet the needs of adult patients in unstable condition. We provide intensive care by […]

  • Chest and Respiratory Medicine

    We, at Varanasi Hospital, offer medicinal solutions to patients suffering from respiratory problems. We are equipped with the most advanced and useful tools for monitoring the respiratory organs of our patients. Our doctors and nurses keep a track of fluctuations in respiratory system of every patient and use appropriate medicine or equipment whenever necessary. Human […]

  • Gall Bladder Stone Surgery

    Laparoscopic Gallbladder Stone Surgery (Gallstone Removal) We, at Varanasi Hospital, provide the best treatment of gallbladder stones available in the world. Our experienced team of doctors suggest the most appropriate treatment to patients upon a series of tests. As it is always preferable to practice an advanced treatment procedure, we recommend laparoscopic gallbladder stone operation […]

Our Doctors

Varanasi Hospital offers top-notch medical professionals to cater your health needs.

QUALIFICATION : MBBS, MD, Radiology Specialization : Radiology Brief Professional Background • Has Experience of 5 Years • MBBS from NBMC Siliguri.

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QUALIFICATION : MBBS, FRCS, FICS Specialization : General Surgery Brief Professional Background • Has Experience of 47 Years. • MBBS from KGMC, Lucknow.

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QUALIFICATION : MBBS, MS, FMAS Specialization : Laparoscopic Surgery Brief Professional Background • Has Experience of 9 Years. • MBBS from MRMC Gulbarga.

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A token of appreciation

from our patients
  • Few years back I had developed Gallstones and life became very difficult since then. Thanks to Dr. Manish Jindal, who guided to a safe solution through gallstones surgery. Thank you team Varanasi Hospital!

    Supriya Sharma
  • I was suffering from Hernia and the pain was unbearable. Varanasi Hospital gave me a new life by eradicating this problem. Thank you Dr. B. N. Prasad.

    Ramesh Agarwal
  • I, Shail Bala Srivastava, known of Diabetic, Hypertensive and had heart attack & had undergone Bypass surgery. I was suffering from Gall Bladder Stone but most of the hospitals in Varanasi refused to do Laparoscopic surgery on me. Finally I was operated by Dr. Manish Kumar Jindal at Varanasi Hospital successfully. I am highly obliged & thankful to team of Varanasi Hospital for their utmost care and best in class treatment.

    Shail Bala Srivastava