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June 2017

Laparoscopic Hernia Operation

There are four types of a hernia including an inguinal hernia, Hiatal Hernia, Umbilical Hernia & Incisional hernia. It occurs mostly in the abdominal area & a surgical procedure especially a laparoscopic hernia operation is the best & the most common way to provide a long lasting relief treatment. However, if a hernia is small & not causing any kind of symptoms then a good diet, regular exercise & yoga may help. On the other hand, if a hernia has already started growing & there is a possibility of incarceration then only a surgical procedure will be able to fix it.

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Hernia Belts

The laparoscopic hernia operation is a very common procedure that is executed in India. However, several people still believe that unconventional means can correct the disease and goes for these scientific means. Hernia belts or truss is one of such alternative. Does it work and is a better option than a surgery is a question of debate. Let’s understand several important aspects of the same.

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The human body has been perfectly engineered with each organ having its specific functions.  Sometimes, when the degree of a certain disease progress beyond its recovery, it needs surgical care instead of just medicines. A hernia is one of the diseases that often need surgical correction. In fact, several people are undergoing Laparoscopic Hernia Operation in all over India. Even despite its advantages, many still prefer the traditional approach.

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