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Gallbladder Surgery

Laparosocpic Gall Stone Operation

Varanasi Hospital aims to provide the best treatment for gallbladder stones in the northern India. Gallstones can be addressed in various ways. The most appropriate treatment is suggested to patients upon a series of tests carried out by our experienced team of doctors. Laparoscopic Gallbladder Stone Operation is recommended to treat gallstones for once and for all. Before listing out its benefits, lets know about gallstones, in brief.

Types Of Gallstones :

Bile is a fluid, that is secreted by liver which helps in the digestion of fats. When bile juice does not empty completely, these solidifies to form stones, within the gallbladder are hence they are termed as called gallstones. There are 2 types of gallstones, as per their composition:

• Cholesterol Stones which are formed when there is too much cholesterol in the bile. They are yellow, green, brown or white in color. Most gallstones belong to this category.

• Pigment Stones which are formed when there is too much bilirubin in the bile. These are smaller and are usually dark brown in color. Pigment stones accounts for only around 15 % of the gallstones cases.

Apart form their composition, gallstones can also be classifieds on the basis the number it forms. Gallbladder stones can either form in solitary or can also develop in multiple numbers in the gallbladder. The amount of deposits hardened in the gallbladder determines the size of the stone. It can be either as small as a sand grain or as big as a hockey ball.

Gallstone Operation Procedures And Benefits Of Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery :

Gallstone can be treated either through open surgery or laparoscopic surgery. Patients tend to have many queries regarding the advanced gallstone surgery and generally get nervous seeing the modern medical equipment of laparoscopic gallstone operation, since most of the people are familiar with the traditional open surgeries itself. However, gallbladder stone removal through laparoscopic surgery is becoming the more favoured procedure.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy is another name for Laparoscopic Gallstone Operation. Three to four incisions are made and a camera is inserted via one of the incisions to perform the surgery, in this method. This operation procedure is preferred by Varanasi Hospital as it offers the following benefits to the patient.

• Best cosmetic results with minimum scars of operation.
• Much shorter stay at the hospital
• Lesser risks of pain and other surgical complications
• Quick recovery and return to work

Varanasi Hospital specializes in gallstone treatment for years and we recommend laparoscopic surgery for the best possible treatment.


Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery

The surgical removal of the gallbladder, known as cholecystectomy, has become a rather common procedure these days, all over the world. This procedure is mostly being carried out these days in the form of laparoscopic gallbladder surgery. Today we will discuss if removing this organ is absolutely necessary in such cases.

The gallbladder is a small, pear-shaped organ that sits in the right abdominal side, just over the liver. It plays a role in assisting digestion as it produces Bile, a digestive enzyme. Under normal circumstances, the gallbladder must never be removed, but it is often inevitable due to several illnesses. Gallstones are one such condition, which is resolved permanently for good, by removing the gallbladder itself. Apart from this, severe inflammation of the gallbladder and pancreas are often some of the underlying medical cause which might need to remove the gallbladder.

For those who do not have much idea about it. Gallstones are a hardened mass of bile and other enzymes that results in hard stone-like structures. The gallstones become a problem when they block the flow of bile and starts to cause immense pain. Several individuals consume oral medication and other therapies to cure it, which might even work for a while. However, it is not a reliable method of treatment and gallstone can recur in the future.

The surgery is the only permanent method of resolving gallstones. In this surgical procedure, the gallbladder itself is removed surgically. Though it is feared by many individuals, the removal of gallstone does not have any severe consequence on health, neither does it affect digestion significantly. It only might have a few short-term discomforts such as disruptive bowel habits and loose stools, that too resolves within a week or two.

The laparoscopic gallbladder surgery has even more benefits than the traditional open surgery. The laparoscopic surgeries are often outpatient procedures, which means the patient is allowed to leave the hospital the same day after the procedure. The recovery is extremely fast and enables most people to resume their usual activities in a matter of days.

Thus, in a nutshell, the removal of the gallbladder might look like a troublesome option, it is extremely safe and effective. And most importantly, it is crucial to execute when complications such as gallstone and severe inflammation of this organ occur. Rely only on the best hospitals to avail laparoscopic gallbladder surgery.Things you should know if your gallbladder is removed.

Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery

Medical treatment has come a long way in the past 30 years. Ask a person about painless gallbladder surgery procedure in the 1980s and his reaction would clearly suggest that it is not possible. Now in the present day, with medical advancement, we have access to laparoscopic gallbladder surgery that allows us to avail painless treatment with quality results.

How is Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery different from open Surgery?

Though the objective of laparoscopic surgery and open surgery remains the same – elimination of the problem, the approach is relatively different. In case of open surgery, the surgeon makes a big incision in the patient’s body and then executes the surgery. On the other hand, under laparoscopic surgery, instead of making a big incision, the surgeon makes 2-3 small incisions in the patient’s body. Once of such an incision is used to insert a camera whereby the surgeon is able to view the gallbladder on a large TV screen attached to the surgery room. So instead of looking into the patient’s body through the naked eyes, the surgeon gets a clearer view of the patient’s gallbladder on a TV screen.

Once the view is clear, the surgeon uses various tools to operate through the small incisions. The result of such surgery is that the patient faces minimum pain and a quicker recovery period. Additionally, the view of the gallbladder is much clearer on the TV screen than in case of open surgery and hence, the rate of accuracy is also higher.

Is Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery expensive?

This surgery is high on quality but more convenient on price. As compared to open surgery and its post-surgery maintenance and expenses, Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery is cheaper. With open surgery, a patient needs to under a big incision, then the period of recovery in the hospital is also long. Added to it, the cost of medicines that would heal the incision also needs to take care of for a longer duration. Alternatively, laparoscopic surgery is executed through small incisions which heal quickly. The period of recovery is also small; hence, patients can easily be discharged from the hospital within 3-4 days of the surgery. Taking all the connected expenses into account, laparoscopic surgery is the economical option.

Thus, every patient who is expecting to have a gallbladder surgery in the future are recommended to seek consultation regarding the preferred mode of surgery.

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