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Cardiology Varanasi Hospital

We, at Varanasi Hospital, provide complete and cardiology services under Dr.Vikash Agarwal, M.D., D.M. We offer quick assistance to patients suffering from a heart problem or heart attack.

As the medical stability of every patient is different, we offer a tailor-made treatment to every patient. Our approaches are modern and effective, because we analyze the medical condition of patients thoroughly before curing them.

Our doctors, along with the support staffs of Varanasi Hospital, have provided cardiac treatments to hundreds of patients.

We understand that cardiac problems require instant attention from experienced doctors. The department of cardiology at Varanasi Hospital is led by Dr. Ashok Sharma M.D. and Dr. Vikas Agrawal is specialized in the field of cardiology. Dr.Ashok Sharma has been practicing since 1985 and Dr. Vikas practices cardiology routinely since 2014.

At Varanasi Hospital, we are equipped with the latest and modern tools for examining the condition and stability of our patients’ lungs, heart and other cardiac organs. We monitor the blood pressure, EKG and stress level of our patients at regular intervals to keep a track of their stability. Our nurses take proper care of our patients and provide medications on time, as prescribed by our cardiologists.


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