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March 2017


The greatest wealth is health. While some of the diseases are cured by medications, some need surgery. But there are some conditions which require the infected section to be removed permanently from the body itself. Few organs are extremely vital, without which a human being cannot live at all. Heart and brain are some examples. However, the absence of certain other organs can be compensated with medical intervention. Pancreatic surgery is one of such cases in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

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Some diseases affect exclusively the infants. Though it may or may not cause any serious threat to their health, it worries the parents more than the infants for obvious reasons. One of such diseases is umbilical hernia. It is bulged out of the intestine through the belly button. Unlike other types of hernia, it affects mostly infants below 2-3 years.

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Lots of sweets and confectioneries become inevitable in several occasions. Being in the land of cultural richness, we believe in serving sweets to every guest. Hence, when you drop into your relative’s home casually or attend a cultural party or event, eating sweets are almost mandatory. The excessive consumption of sugar in tea and desserts harm your fitness level. This can cause some serious damage to several organs in the body and liver is one of it. Once the damage caused becomes extensive, only best liver surgery in Varanasi can help you.

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