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At Varanasi Hospital, we offer a diverse range of general surgical solutions to our patients. It is a huge area of operations that are well handled by our experienced and skilled doctors. The approaches performed by our faculty ensure utmost safety of patients without compromising with the surgery’s success. Our doctors set a benchmark of success in keyhole surgery in Varanasi, along with other advanced and traditional surgeries.

General surgery is a surgical approach to diseases and problems relating to digestive and abdominal areas of a human. This consists of stomach, liver, colon, esophagus, bile ducts, pancreas, thyroid gland and gallbladder. Skin problems, breast diseases and problems in soft tissue are also cured through an appropriate general surgery.

As general surgery deals with many sections of a human body, we make sure that an effective approach is followed to treat a patient. Hence, our doctors take pride in practicing different types of surgical procedures categorized under general surgery. We provide best services in Trauma surgery, Breast surgery, Transplant surgery, surgical oncology and keyhole surgery in Varanasi.

We, at Varanasi Hospital, believe in offering the most advanced surgical option to our patients. Though we discuss all the available options with our patients, performing the best surgery is our first priority. Choosing an advanced surgical approach ensures a cure involving less blood-loss, less scars and quick recovery.

For surgeries relating to the abdominal area, we recommend the laparoscopic approach. As this procedure is more secured and advanced than the traditional surgeries, the risk of complications is lesser upon recovery. Also, high patient satisfaction and success rate makes us the best laparoscopic surgery hospital in Varanasi.

Our surgeons take special pride in performing keyhole surgeries to cure patients suffering from abdominal problems. We perform this minimal invasive surgical procedure routinely to free our patients from obesity. Being the best laparoscopic surgery hospital in eastern U.P., we have the highest success rate and medicinal support in this area.

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