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Neurology Varanasi Hospital

We, at Varanasi Hospital, offer full range of neurological services that involves treatment of all diseases and disorders related to the nervous system. We care for patients experiencing central nervous system disorders as well as peripheral nervous system problems.

Our doctors are well-trained in this department of medicine. Our neurologists pursue fellowship in different areas of neurology to gain sufficient knowledge and information about every part covered by this medicinal science. The team of neurologists is led by Dr. S.K. Poddar who is an MBBS, M.D. and DM. He is one of the most renowned neurologists in Varanasi with an experience of 33 years. He has cured patients with critical nervous system disorders.

What is neurology?

As our specialist doctors describe, Neurology is a field of medicine that deals with problems and disorders of human nervous system. All the problems covered under the central and peripheral nervous system are diagnosed and treated through this medicinal area. Physicians that study, investigate, diagnose and cure neurological problems are known as neurologists.

What are the types of neurological disorders?

Our nervous system is broadly classified into two parts – central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system consists of the primary organs; i.e. brain and spinal cord. On the other hand, the peripheral nervous system consists of various neural elements like ears, skin and eyes. Hence, any disorder that occurs in any of these organs are neurological disorders.

Some common neurological disorders that are routinely treated at the Varanasi Hospital are headache disorders, brain infections, spinal cord disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, movement disorders, language and speech disorders and neurodegenerative disorders.

At Varanasi Hospital, our neurologists diagnose the neurological disorders in patients with the help of several advanced examinations and reports. A tailor-made treatment is developed and prescribed to every patient; ensuring utmost effectiveness of the procedure. At Varanasi Hospital, we take care of your mental stability and well-being.

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