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Gallbladder Polyps: Is it harmless or Can it be cancerous?

Gallbladder Polyps

There are certain organs without which one cannot even survive a few minutes such as the brain. But certain organs such as gallbladder, can be removed without jeopardizing the life of the patient. Gallbladder, even being essential to perform several functions, yet removing it permanently through a laparoscopic gallbladder surgery does not put the life of the individual into any serious threat.

But not every disease of gallbladder calls for the need of its removal. In fact, the most common medical condition encountered
Gallbladder Polyps by people is gallbladder polyps. These are the small mass of tissues projecting from the inner lining of the gallbladder. It is often associated with malignant cells i.e. cancer by most of the people. However, almost 95 percent of these polyps are just benign, which leaves only 5 percent of cases that can possess any potential threat.

Lack of proper information is the main reason for panic among people. Fortunately, the size and measurement of the gallbladder polyp can help predict the type. Usually the smaller polyps of diameter less than about 10 millimeters are benign in nature, these are unlikely to cause cancer and usually don’t need any treatment.

Even though it might not require any special treatment, it is best to have a doctor confirm it after follow up examination. It can be done through a standard abdominal or endoscopic ultrasound. These instruments can tract any change in these polyps, which can be a sign of malignancy.

Polyps of the gallbladder, which are larger than 10 millimeters are very rare (about 5 percent) and mostly malignant in nature, especially the ones having a size larger than 18 millimeters should be treated as a cancer threat. The cholecystectomy may be recommended by the doctor before laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, especially if he suspects gallstones along with gallstone.

Most of the polyps are composed of cholesterol and are potentially harmless. However, diagnosing and dealing with it might get quite difficult. Mainly because of the fact that while some of the polyp cause abdominal pain, others might show no significant symptoms, which makes the diagnosis challenging.

While some polyps go away on their own, some are dangerous, which must be operated surgically. There is another type that stays on for a very long time, usually up to an entire lifetime. It becomes a doubt, whether to remove it or to follow it up? If so, then for how long?

Thankfully, gallbladder polyps are common and only few of them possess any significant threat.

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