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Recovery Guidelines to follow after a Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a modern technique which is predominantly performed on the abdominal organs (Hernia, Gall-bladder, Pancreas, Appendix) by making small incisions with the help of the Laparoscope machine. Most of the state-of-the-art hospitals, including Varanasi Hospital, provide the best laparoscopic surgeries using all the advanced technologies and with the help of the experienced doctors.

Many doctors approved of this surgery as safer than open surgery, as it is much less painful and offer a speedy healing process. Patients are mostly healed within a week or two and get back to their normal life after a much shorter stay in the hospital.

Post surgery care is important for every patient after any surgery. For faster healing, patients need proper care and medications. Here are some recovery guidelines for those who recently went through the surgery.

Prepare yourself post surgery:

There’s a chance of pain and irritation after surgery. You may feel a sore throat or dryness due to anesthesia, along with mild pain in your abdominal region. To face these symptoms, prepare yourself mentally. Take rest and take the medicine from the start. Make yourself comfortable during your hospital days. Don’t be stressed about the pain, you’ll heal in time.

Let your family drive you home:

You can expect discharge from the hospital within one or two days, but do not drive back home by yourself after your surgery. It is unsafe to drive due to the anesthesia. Have any family or friend drive you instead. Try to avoid any bumpy road to mitigate the chances of any injury.

Take a good rest:

Taking proper rest is important for every patient. In most cases, patients have a tendency to get back to work right after discharge from the hospital. Every surgery needs time to heal. Give your body rest for a few days, it’ll lessen the chance of any internal hemorrhage.

Start Walking and moving around:

Start walking around, after a few days. Put small steps around your home. Do not lift any heavy things. Avoid movements and exercise which put pressure on your abdominal part. Always use cushions to support your back when you sit.

Wear comfortable clothes:

Avoid any kind of tight fitting clothes which can cause you to feel uncomfortable and brings irritation on your belly area. Also, as per your doctor’s advice, clean your abdominal area regularly, to avoid possibility of infection.

Maintain a healthy diet and medicines:

Maintain a healthy diet as your dietician prescribed. Go with proper food and diet as it helps you towards a speedy recovery. Make sure you are having the right medicine in time.

Usually, there are no major side-effects of Laparoscopic Surgery. But in case if you feel any kind of pain or discomfort in your abdominal region, consult with your doctor immediately.

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