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Can Inguinal Hernia Be Termed As A Hereditary Disease?

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

A hernia happens to be a swollen lump which is a result of weak abdominal or groin muscle. In fact, it can even be a tear in muscle tissues, which can result in a bulging of the intestines or fat tissues through the weak area, on setting a hernia.

As observed by the laparoscopic hernia surgeon team at Varanasi Hospital, hernias can be of different types, depending on their characteristics, position, and symptoms. However, many a time, it is debated whether or not inguinal hernias can be hereditary, which means can it occur due to a genetic influence or not. let’s understand that in details.

An inguinal hernia can be located in our inguinal canal. In case of a man, their inguinal canal passageways are more sensitive. Hence, groin hernia is common in men.

However, the question is- if you are supposedly having this painful experience, is there any chance of the same happening to your son in the future as well? A hernia can happen due to strain and stress on weak muscles, but is it genetical? Some types of hernias can be congenital.

It means that a person can be born with that due to the abdominal wall weakness. However, most of the time, it is acquired due to everyday activities. Normally when people lift something heavy or work in an awkward position such as bending forward, standing for too long or stressing on their lower abdomen, it makes them susceptible to having a hernia in the future. Moreover, a prior lower abdominal surgery or injury uplifts the chance pretty high as well.

In several cases, it has been found that a family line comprises of genetic makeup that leads to weaker muscle build-up. As a result, it is not uncommon to find consecutive generation to have an inguinal hernia. Thus, it looks as if a hernia is hereditary, but actually, it is due to poor lifestyle choices.

Therefore, it can be concluded that hernias are not genetical but the weak muscular tissues can be!It can also be stated that the genes which are involved in the connective muscle development, are the main reasons behind such ‘inherited’ a hernia. Making healthier lifestyle is even more crucial for such generation to rule out its possibility in the future.

Those who come for Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery for groin hernias are often asked about their family medical history for this very same reason. Hence, you are suggested not to hide anything from the doctors before going for a hernia operation.

Always remember, our efforts to stay fit is a crucial factor that determines our overall health and many a time, can mitigate even many genetic conditions.

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