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These 4 Facts About Laparoscopic Hernia Operation Will Blow Your Mind

Laparoscopic Hernia Operation

Laparoscopic Hernia Operation has become popular among patients as well as surgeon across the world. The concept of minimal invasive surgery combined with accurate results is nothing short of a medical miracle. Patients wish to undergo this surgery because it saves them time and offers better results, whereas surgeons get an added advantage of a camera that offers a clear view of the patient’s body. Here are 4 facts about Laparoscopic Hernia Operation that will blow your mind!

#Fact1 – Quick Recovery

In Varanasi alone, patients who have undergo laparoscopic operation have an average stay period of 5-6 days. As compared to open surgery, it is almost 30% of the time that patients spend while recovering in hospital.

#Fact2 – Better Results

Since this surgery is performed with the help of a camera, it becomes easier for the surgeon to locate the areas that needs to be fixed. Issues such as problem of visibility, etc., are absent in case of laparoscopic hernia operation. Getting a clear insight of the patient’s body allows the surgeon to locate the area where mesh needs to be put on. Once the mesh is put up, the surgeon is once again able to verify the stich closely.

#Fact3 – Cheaper

A concern for most patients is the budget of the operation. Though many patients say that Laparoscopic surgery is expensive than open surgery, we should also look into the complete perspective of the situation. An open surgery requires more time for recovery, this means that patients would be spending more on bed rent, medication and doctor fees. But in case of Laparoscopic surgery the time for recovery is short. This means that they stay period in hospital is less, the expense on medication is also less and overall the expense gets automatically reduced.

#Fact4 – Less invasive

It is obvious that minimum invasion will result in faster recovery. Also, minimal invasion leaves lesser space for surgery marks. Meet any person who has undergone laparoscopic surgery and you’ll see that their surgery mark is barely visible in the body. However, in case of open surgery there are big surgery marks on the body which look bad.

Thus, we found that Laparoscopic Hernia Operation is not only based on medical advancement but is also cheaper on the pockets of the patients. For more information on this surgery, get in touch with us.

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