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Internal Hemorrhage and Its Treatment

Internal Hemorrhage

The human body is made up of several organ systems. While a malfunction of some organ or body parts makes us seek medical help immediately, sadly, the same is not true for the rest. The anorectal and colorectal diseases are something, that most people often chose to ignore, especially in the developing countries.

Because of the already mentioned cause, the number of colorectal surgery in Varanasi is much lesser than it ought to be, by looking at the statistics of the people who suffer from the same. This behavior and attitude towards one’s own health can be catastrophic in long term. The excretory system is as important for overall health as any other organ system. One of the most common anorectal diseases is the hemorrhoids.

Several people know this disease by a more common name, the piles. As per the finding and health report, a majority of the north Indian population suffers from the same, mostly due to their food habits that consist of a huge proportion of spice and oils.

Though the exact cause of having peoples is not definite, some of the risk factor it is associated with are-

  • Chronic constipation or
  • chronic diarrhea
  • Heredity
  • Aging (particularly more than 45)
  • Training during bowel movements
  • Pregnancy
  • Spending a long time on the toilet seat

Experiencing any bleeding or protrusion during bowel moments, pain, itching or any visible lumps near the anal region is an extremely likely symptom of piles.

Many of the patients suffering from hemorrhoids do not seek medical diagnosis, and treatment because of embarrassment. Instead, they try the non-medical approach and home remedies to cure them. Almost none of these helps the condition, not at least in a long term. People seek medical treatment only after things become more painful.

Unfortunately, by then, the condition worsens even more and need a more severe and sincere treatment to cure it. It would be unfair to not mention the benefits of other unconventional methods such as improving the bowel habits and change in diet and lifestyle change does help to sooth out several factors. Yet, it is not the treatment any experienced doctor would suggest to cure it. These acts a complementary factor to keep this illness at bay in the future.

To cure it permanently, it is important to undergo colorectal surgery for the same. Thus, not only cures the illness at the earliest but also mitigates any chances of collateral damages and infections.

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