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The Brief Introduction Of Hernia Surgery Mesh

Hernia Surgery Mesh

The only convenient cure for a hernia is the laparoscopic hernia operation. However, several times it has been witnessed that even a hernia repair doesn’t ensure the recurrence of a hernia will not occur. Thus, surgical mesh for a hernia came into existence. Surgical mesh is a small flexible medical device that offers extra support to the weakened tissue.

There are mainly two kinds of hernia meshes available, made from animal tissue or from synthetic materials. The animal derived meshes are extracted mostly from either the intestine of a skin of cow or pig. They provide support initially but after a period of time, they get broken down and then dissolves. This is an ideal medical device from the patients with a small hole or a hernia and who are in proper health to regain their strength post-surgery and grown new tissue to repair the damage.

However, not all a hernia was small, and not everyone can make the complete recovery. Thus came an advanced form, the synthetic mesh, approximately 50 years ago. These meshes are derived from the synthetic material, both absorbable, non-absorbable or its combination. These synthetic meshes are permanent as it provides the support to weakened tissue for an indefinite time.

At first, these meshes were not considered as a safe medical practice, suspecting a possible rejection by the patient’s body or developing some serious infections. However, with time, these became regular, and nowadays, it comes under the routine laparoscopic hernia operation procedure to ensure that a hernia does not recur.

There is a wide variety of meshes available and the doctor helps the patient select the best on depending on various factors, both of the patient and mesh. For the patients, the factors are the location, extent of a hernia and overall health condition. The factors of the mesh include pore size, lightweight properties, material, strength etc.

Despite some of the complications that arise rarely, the results derived after placing the meshes are much better as compare to without. The surgical mesh is an excellent invention in the medical realm and is an extremely reliable option to address the threat of a hernia after surgery.

The rate of recurrence of a hernia has reduced significantly after this practice began. By witnessing the progress it had made in the medical domain and in the lives of patients, lots of research and development are going on to improve the existing ones.

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