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What Is Liver Biopsy And How It Is Carried Out


The liver is an important organ that plays several crucial processes in the body. However, due to several causes, the liver fails to function normally and needs a liver operation in Varanasi to correct it. Some of these medical operations involve removing either a portion of or the entire diseased liver, while some involve testifying the same before carrying out the actual procedure.

A liver biopsy is a reliable diagnostic approach to determine the underlying condition of the liver and to trace any illness present or imminent in the near future. Let’s understand what biopsy is and how it is carried out.

A biopsy of the liver, like any other organ, involves, removing and extracting a small portion of tissue of liver for further medical examination and evaluation for any abnormalities, if present. It is a vital diagnostic procedure that aids the doctor to determine the extent of the damage to the liver. The conditions in which biopsy proves to be an important diagnosis are cholestasis, hepatitis, and chronic alcoholism.

Though blood test and liver function do help to make several assumptions, a biopsy negates every doubt and confirms the accurate results. There are three different procedures to carry out the same. These are namely, transvenous biopsy, percutaneous biopsy, and laparoscopic biopsy. A liver biopsy is usually done on an outpatient basis, unless, any unexpected complications resurfaces.

Procedure of the biopsy

Since biopsy is an invasive procedure, a blood test prior to it is always recommended to rule out chances of infection, diabetes, internal bleeding, or blood clotting. Also, a CT scan or USG is also helpful to locate the exact location of the liver and particularly the portion from which the tissues are to be extracted.

Drugs like are non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen or aspirin and anticoagulation drugs like warfarin can elevate the risk of bleeding and must be reported to doctor in well advance. The procedure starts with the administration of general or local anesthesia.

The diagnostic probe is inserted in the abdomen and a slice of the desired portion of the liver is removed and then retrieved for further investigation. The incision is stitched back and the patient is allowed to discharge, but only after ensuring there is no side effect for the same. When the results show the exact cause of any problem, the doctor then proceeds towards liver operation in Varanasi.

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