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How Too Much Sugar Consumption is Messing up with your Liver


Lots of sweets and confectioneries become inevitable in several occasions. Being in the land of cultural richness, we believe in serving sweets to every guest. Hence, when you drop into your relative’s home casually or attend a cultural party or event, eating sweets are almost mandatory. The excessive consumption of sugar in tea and desserts harm your fitness level. This can cause some serious damage to several organs in the body and liver is one of it. Once the damage caused becomes extensive, only best liver surgery in Varanasi can help you.

Sugar is one of the most essential elements in the body. But why extra sugar is so bad for your health?

Well, sugar comprises of mainly two different kinds of molecules – glucose and fructose. Glucose insufficiency from the diet is not an issue because our body can produce it as well. Also cells of your body can metabolize glucose. Fructose, on the other is different in terms of metabolism. Only liver can metabolize it.

Highly active people, such as athletes can let loose on the few extra amount of sugar. Their system, specifically their liver, will convert it to glycogen. On the other hands, the liver of the common folks, most probably including you as well, are already loaded with glycogen. Which means the fructose will simply transform into fat.

Some of the overall fat content transports outside in the form of triglycerides, while the rest of the fat stuck in your liver may cause liver diseases. One of the most encountered complications of liver is the condition of insulin resistance. This makes the body have an elevated level of insulin throughout the time and lead to several other conditions like metabolic syndromes, and obesity. Best liver surgery in Varanasi can be employed to help with the respective diseases.

Your pancreas becomes the next target and gradually it becomes unable to secrete insulin in adequate amount in order to transport glucose back in the cells. This condition is nothing but medically termed as diabetes and is a breeding ground for several other complications.

But the sugar, or more specifically the fructose, is harmful only when consumed in an excess amount. Thus, there is no reason for you to remove sugar or sweetening items from your diet altogether. However, it would be wise to substitute several packaged food/drink with fruits.

Fruits are loaded with low density energy along with sufficient quantity of water and fibers. So, next time, before you pick up foods and juice loaded with added sugar, try a real fruit, which will restore your health to its former glory.

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