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The Preoperative Precautions for an Appendix Surgery

Preoperative Precautions for an Appendix Surgery

Every organ has a unique function in the body. Some of them take credit for being the crucial ones, while some play their part without coming into the limelight. One of such organs that doesn’t get much attention is the appendix. It helps the body to repair itself from illness, but often its contribution goes unnoticed; until you are diagnosed with appendicitis and the doctor recommends appendix surgery in Varanasi as the only option to address the problem.

But there are some precautions you must take before being pulled in a stretcher in the operation theater. Precautions vary from disease to disease depending upon the stage of your illness and other factors, but some of the preoperative instructions remain same for all appendix surgeries.

What precautions should you take?

You will be advised to avoid eating and drinking altogether since the last night before the surgery date. This also includes a sip of water. If your doctor advises you to have any oral medication in between this time, you should take it with as little water as possible. In this particular genre of surgery, it looks less troublesome, because with the symptoms, you will mostly not feel hungry anyways.

It is important that you stick to this particular instruction. If you have, under any circumstances practiced any deviation, you should inform your doctor right away. It may cause serious complication during or after the surgery and can compromise your safety and recovery. Your doctor may even delay or postpone your surgery.

Be sure to mention to your doctor, if you are facing some medical discomfort or suspect that you are pregnant. Similarly, inform him about any allergies that you have which might be related to the surgery in any way. These factors play significant role in determining the procedure’s effectiveness and results.

What happens before surgery?

The surgery begins with an intravenous ‘IV’ to make you anesthetic and to inject necessary medication and fluid into your bloodstream. It will also help you deal with any nausea or vomiting that you may encounter during the procedure.

What you need to do outside the surgery?

You also need to arrange for some non-medical arrangements, such as appointing a family member, friend or neighbor to drive you back to your place after you are discharged. Since appendix surgeries in Varanasi are performed under general anesthesia, it makes you an unsuitable driver for the time being.

Try to do all your paper works related to insurance before the procedure to save yourselves making trips to these institutions after the appendix surgery in Varanasi.

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