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How Laparoscopic Surgery Is Better Than Traditional One?

laparoscopic surgery

Nowadays the best in class health care providers are offering laparoscopic surgery. But what is the laparoscopic surgery? It is more like a surgery technique in which several other types of surgical procedures are carried out. In this surgery type, instead of large incisions, several small Incisions are made by the laparoscopic surgeon in Varanasi, thus deriving it’s another name ‘keyhole surgery’. It is preferred by most of the patients as well as by doctors due to the vast range of benefits it provides.

But the journey of laparoscopic surgery has not been so easy since the beginning. At first it was not even allowed to operate on human. Its first subject was dogs in the year 1902 by Georg Kelling. And only after the year 1910, it was first executed on human beings by Sweden doctor Hans Christian Jacobaeus.

How it differs from traditional surgery?

Traditional surgeries were carried out by making a very large incision near the site. After the procedure is complete, it is stitched back. The laparoscopy surgery begins with making few incisions. It is also aided by several special equipment, called the laparoscope, which enables desirable movements inside the body. With the help of camera, which enables visuals inside the body, the surgeon performs the surgery. Upon its completion, these equipment are retracted out of the body along with the portion of the organs (if any). The areas of operation are stitched back.

The advantages of laparoscopic surgery over traditional surgeries are:

  • Faster recovery Due to smaller incisions, the patient can resume his routine activities a lot sooner than the previous one.

  • Better cosmetic effect Since the large stitch is totally unnecessary, the result of laparoscopic surgery is a lot better in terms of aesthetics.

  • Lesser hospital stay The patient undergoing laparoscopic surgery is allowed to go back to their home in a matter of days since the surgery date.

  • More economic Though the surgery procedure is more likely to cost more than the traditional one, the cost of hospital stay, dressing and medication to heal is actually quite cheaper in comparison.

These are some of the numerous advantages of laparoscopic surgery than traditional one. Though we are immensely grateful to traditional surgery technique to cure us from several diseases for a long period of time, but according to laparoscopic surgeons in Varanasi, the era of laparoscopic surgery makes everything even more precise and simple.

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