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Get Rid of Stones Through Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery

laparoscopic gallbladder surgery

The gallbladder is an organ that is pear shaped and rests beneath the right side of the liver inside the human body. The main purpose of this organ is to collect the digestive liquid produced by the liver (also known as bile) and then concentrate the whole at one place.

After eating, this bile is released from the gallbladder and it aids to the digestion process. It travels through the bile duct and then to the small intestine. The problem in gallbladder arises when there occurs a formation of small and hard gallstones, which mainly consist of cholesterol and bile salts produced inside the bile duct.

When these gallbladder stones block the path of bile movement, then it leads to swelling and hence results into severe abdominal pain, indigestion, occasionally fever and vomiting. These gallstones do not get eliminated on their own and can be temporarily treated by controlling dietary intakes. There are treatments involving breaking down of these gallstones and dissolve within the body, but success rates are very poor in this kind of treatment along with comparatively long recovery process. Then the surgical treatment becomes the safest and time effective for treating gallbladder diseases.

Gallbladder Surgery_Varanasi Hospital

One such way is the laparoscopic gallbladder surgery that requires only four small openings in the abdomen. The post-operative pain is very minimal and the recovery process is faster for the patients involved in it. After this laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, patients are able to return home on the very same day and can resume to their day to day activities also.

There are many medical centres present in India that provide these kind of surgical treatments. But the most recommended one is Varanasi Hospital, which provides an enhanced and advanced treatment procedure.

laparoscopic gallbladder surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery in Varanasi Hospital is the most accepted and minimally invasive surgery for the removal of gallbladder stones from body. Thousands of patients have been cured through laparoscopic surgery in Varanasi Hospital and their practice involves few major gallstones cases, either acute or chronic cholecystitis, stones in CBD which are treated very efficiently by their expert surgeons like Dr. Baijnath Prasad & Dr. Manish Jindal.

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