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Appendix Surgery in Varanasi – What to expect after appendix surgery?

appendix surgery in Varanasi

Are you or any of your family members planning to undergo appendix surgery? Are you aware of what activities you are supposed to do and which one to avoid? What about proper diet and recovery time? In this article you will find out everything you need to know about life after appendix surgery in Varanasi.

But first, what is an appendix and how does it contribute to your overall health? The appendix is a thin tube like organ present between the junction of the large intestine and small intestine. It is located in your right side of the lower abdomen. Though several arguments exist regarding its function, the latest research shows that the appendix acts as a reservoir of good bacteria, which boosts the digestive system of your body. It especially helps to get cured from diarrhea.

In case when it becomes absolutely necessary to remove this organ, this procedure is called appendectomy. Despite its usefulness, you can survive even without this organ. Usually removing this organ does not cause any critical threat to your life and this medical procedure is performed in a huge number of patients each year.

The process of appendix surgery in Varanasi is carried out either through open surgery or through laparoscopic surgery. In case of open surgery, the doctor makes a large incision on your belly and in case of laparoscopic one, the number of incisions increases in number and deceases by size considerably. With medical ointment and natural healing, these scars will gradually fade over time.

After this surgical procedure, it is not unusual for you to have pain and feeling tired and weak for the next few days. Moreover, your belly may be painful and swollen as well. In case you had laparoscopic surgery, you might experience pain in the shoulders until the next day. Several additional discomfort such as upset stomach, diarrhea, gas or constipation may be present as well. But not to worry because usually it resolves in a next few days.

Recovery time

Well, this isn’t always a straightforward answer. It depends greatly on which type of surgery you had. In case you had an open surgery the recovery period is usually around 3 to 4 weeks. This time reduces significantly to 1 to 2 weeks in case of laparoscopic approach.

Just like any other medical procedure, appendix surgery can have fewer medical complications as well. We will be back with details regarding how to take of yourselves after the surgery. Till then stay informed and healthy.

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