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Laparoscopic Surgeon Varanasi

Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery

Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery has become a convenient mode of medical aid for patients these days. Given the modern technology at exposure, the surgery is done with the aid of a camera and there is a minimal invasion in the patient’s body. This means that the recovery is faster, and patients go home shortly after the surgery is done, say within 4-5 days.

Post-surgery patients are required to take extra care of themselves. This includes monitoring their daily activities and following a strict diet that has been suggested by the expert. When it comes to the consumption of food, there is a long list of ‘No’. Here is a small guideline of what patients can consume.

1. Lesser of fats 

Patients should try to stay away from food that contains fatty elements. Post-surgery, food like fries and spicy sauces should be avoided for at least a week. The focus should be on fat-free food or food with lower fat content. Check for the food that is being offered. Anything which has less than 3 grams of fat is acceptable.

2. Focus on fibers

Fibers add strength to your body. Additionally, they also help in the stabilisation of your bowel movements. In case a patient is suffering from diarrhoea, increased consumption of fiber can help stabilise the situation. Food such as oats and barley serve as a good source of fibre in the body. They should continue to nourish the patients for 3-4 weeks after the surgery.

3. Small, but frequent meals

Small meals makes it easier for the body to digest. After undergoing Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery, the whole digestive system of the body gets affected. Hence, it is easier for the body to digest if meals are taken in small quantities and at regular intervals. Meals should contain protein such as fish, vegetables, whole grains, etc.

Some of the foods that should be avoided by patients undergoing keyhole gallbladder surgery are:

  • Sweets
  • Dairy products
  • Caffeine

The human body is perfectly balanced with the help of organs. Any impact on any of the organs will result in an imbalance. Undergoing laparoscopic gallbladder surgery makes the body weak and it mainly depends on other organs for support. Diet for patients should be such that the body doesn’t need to put in extra effort to digest food. Maintain a healthy diet for at least 2-3 months post-surgery for best results.

Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery

As the medical industry continues to expand at a rapid pace, the healthcare system in India is starting to disperse in all corners of the nation. However, there prevails a misconception among people that only metro cities have the best healthcare facility. Developing cities like Varanasi, are also showing a decent progress in the medical industry. But the question that remains to be answered is how to find a proficient laparoscopic surgeon in Varanasi? Here are 4 areas that can help you-

Market Reputation of the Surgeon

The foremost thing that a patient should do is to take the market opinion of a surgeon. The best will always get a lot of positive reviews and references and on the other hand, people will also advice you about the undesirable ones.

Experience of the surgeon

Though Laparoscopic surgery is relatively new in the medical industry, it has become popular in India after 2000. 18 years is ample time for a surgeon to gain experience. The benefit of having experienced surgeon is that they have a better grip on the events during the execution period.

First meeting Experience

 An overlooked area is the first-hand experience with a surgeon. Most of the patient are so worried about health concern that they fail to notice whether the surgeon is actually helping them. There have been many incidences where patients have been operated without the requirement. A genuine surgeon will first help the patient to understand the persisting issue, then will propose for a surgery (only if required), if the patient agrees, then only he will go ahead.

Post-Surgery follow up

A surgeon is not only duty-bound till the time of surgery. Post-surgery period is also very crucial. This is the time when most of the patients are likely to develop complexities. Make sure the surgeon has an organized schedule for patient check up even after the surgery has been declared successful.

Most of the laparoscopic surgeons in Varanasi are duty-bound. This means that they take their profession seriously and work towards helping patients to overcome a persisting disorder. No surgeon has the right to force a patient to undergo a surgery. Every patient has the right to refuse surgery, if the patient feels so. But in maximum cases, the surgeon and the patient are on the same page.

Dr. Manish Jindal receiving Award

Recognition is the best motivation; especially when the receiver is fortunate enough to witness and live with it. We, at Varanasi Hospital, feel immense pride while disclosing that Dr. Manish Jindal, the in-charge and Head of Department (HoD) of laparoscopic surgery at Varanasi Hospital, has been facilitated with the prestigious award of being the ‘Health Icon’ for his tremendous contribution towards the healthcare facility in India, particularly in the laparoscopic domain.

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When you have a problem with your rectum, such as rectal prolapse, then you need to have a laparoscopic rectopexy in Varanasi to fix it permanently. But before proceeding in depth, we have to understand what a rectal prolapse is? The prolapsing rectum is a condition where the rectum wall is coming out of the anus. If it is not fixed soon, this condition can cause permanent uncontrollable defecating. There are several factors that may cause prolapsing rectum and you have to understand why you get this issue. This is not a deadly disease, but it may endanger your health. Therefore, you need to go to a reliable healthcare provider to fix it before it gets any severe.

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appendix surgery in Varanasi

Are you or any of your family members planning to undergo appendix surgery? Are you aware of what activities you are supposed to do and which one to avoid? What about proper diet and recovery time? In this article you will find out everything you need to know about life after appendix surgery in Varanasi.

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