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Covid-19_ Tips To Stay Healthy During Your Home Quarantine

Due to the pandemic Covid-19, we all have been instructed by the medical professionals and the central government to practice self-isolation. Maintaining social distancing is mandatory for all of us to prevent the transmission of this deadly virus. To flatten the curve, everyone needs to stay inside their homes and take the precautionary measures.

Today, Varanasi Hospital will share some tips to stay physically and mentally healthy during the home quarantine.

Eat nutritious meals


Eat nutritious meals

Eat nutritious home-cooked meals. Do not prepare cheat meals, like pakodas, samosas, jalebis, etc daily at home. However, you can eat your favourite cheat meal once a week as per your desire.

Practice great hygiene


Practice great hygiene

You need to take great care of hygiene during the home quarantine period. Wash your hands at all times with liquid soap and running water for at least 20 seconds. If washing hands is not possible then use a 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Do not use hand sanitizer before cooking as alcohol-based hand sanitizers are highly inflammable. Keep your surroundings clean and disinfect every item regularly.

Avoid unnecessary touching yourself


Avoid unnecessary touching yourself

It’s very easy for the virus to enter your body. You can easily insert the virus inside your body by touching your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. If you have to touch your face then do it with freshly washed hands.

Use disposable tissue papers for coughing and sneezing


Use disposable tissue papers

Always cough and sneeze on a disposable tissue and throw it in the closed trash can to avoid any infections.

Maintain 6 feet distance


Maintain 6 feet distance

It does not matter wherever you go or wherever you are, always maintain 6 feet distance from everyone.




Exercise at home. You can either do skipping or chair exercises. If you do not prefer exercising, then do household chores on your own.

Take care of your mental health


Take care of your mental health

Your mental health should not take a backseat even when you are quarantined at home. Practice your favourite hobby, play indoor games, do household chores, opt for video conferencing, do yoga and meditation to take care of your mental health.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Varanasi Hospital, a multi-speciality hospital in Varanasi is always present to provide everyone with optimum healthcare.


Foods To Avoid On An Empty Stomach

Food is an important aspect of our life. It nourishes our body and a person is what he or she consumes. The moment we wake up and become absorbed in our daily activities, we tend to forget the importance of eating nutritious food and eat whatever is available on the go. Surely, that’s not an ideal way to start the day. Food is important the moment you wake up, so never skip your breakfast and avoid eating the following foods as advised by Varanasi Hospital on an empty stomach as they will do more harm than good.
Take a look at what never to consume when your stomach is empty.

1. Hot caffeinated beverages


Hot caffeinated beverages

We all love our adrak waali chai and it is our favourite guilty pleasure when the sun rises from its horizon. But did you know that tea or coffee inside your empty stomach can cause acidity and bloating due to the courtesy of caffeine in coffee and tannic acid in tea. Also, it affects the metabolism, so enjoy your favourite cup of hot beverage after eating something.

2. Spicy foods


Spicy foods

Our country is blessed with spices but that does not mean we should savour on them the moment we have brushed our teeth. Eating spicy food or food loaded with chillies is a surefire way to damage the health of your digestive system and result in stomach burn. So, refrain from adding spices and chillies to your beloved kachori-sabzi, and stop asking for achaar.

3. Sweets



Many people in our country have a habit of eating laddoos in the morning. It is certainly not a good breakfast option as eating sweets on a vacant stomach raises your blood sugar levels. Tell us, would you really like to start your day by eating something so unhealthy? You surely would rather not, so control your sweet cravings by opting for healthier alternatives.

4. Citrus fruits


Citrus fruits

Sure, fruits are healthy but there’s a right time for eating anything and early in the morning is not the one. Citrus fruits are acidic so consuming them first thing in the morning should be avoided to never see the face of acidity.

The moment you leave your bed, drink warm water to activate and detoxify your body and mind. Eat soaked nuts, dates (khajur), and soaked black gram (kala chana) when your stomach is empty. Also, come to Varanasi Hospital, the best hospital in Varanasi for health-related consultations.

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