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What to expect when you undergo laparoscopic surgery at Varanasi Hospital

Varanasi Hospital believes in the notion of providing quintessential medical treatment to the masses with utmost affordability. We want the people living in Varanasi to be healthy, both physically and mentally, so we offer medical supervision for miscellaneous health conditions.

Our multi-speciality hospital is considered the best laparoscopic surgery hospital in Varanasi. At Varanasi Hospital, we perform various laparoscopic surgical procedures, like laparoscopic appendix surgery, laparoscopic hernia surgery, laparoscopic hysterectomy, and so on. If you undergo laparoscopic surgery in our hospital, be prepared to have a quick recovery with zero complications.
Here’s what to expect when you undergo laparoscopic surgical treatment at Varanasi Hospital.

Expect the team of best laparoscopic surgeons


Expect the team of best laparoscopic surgeons

Varanasi Hospital is proud to announce that we have one of the best laparoscopic surgeons in Varanasi, Dr Manish Jindal with an experience of more than 14 years in minimally-invasive surgeries in our hospital’s team. His expert hands have treated more than thousands of patients and when you’re under his care, you’ll get nothing but the best medical supervision.

Expect safe and effective treatment


Expect safe and effective treatment

Our hospital keeps up with modern times and is well-equipped with the latest surgical instruments much-required for conducting keyhole surgeries. All our medical equipment are in working condition.

Expect hygiene, cleanliness, and comfort


Expect hygiene, cleanliness, and comfort

Hygiene is the supreme part of our healthcare facility. We keep our hospital premises sanitized every day. Our housekeeping staff members work extremely hard to make our patients feel safe and comfortable. We have both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms with attached washrooms, kitchen, and other essential facilities for our laparoscopic patients.

Expect cashless hospitalisation


Expect cashless hospitalisation

Varanasi Hospital provides cashless treatment to the patients in our healthcare unit. We have tie-ups with several insurance companies so patients with health insurance can avail the facility of cashless hospitalisation.

Varanasi Hospital is always present to help you out in your medical needs with promptness. Visit Varanasi Hospital, one of the best hospitals in Varanasi for getting successful and affordable laparoscopic surgery.


Varanasi Hospital’s Advice_ Drink Coconut Water Daily For Good Health

The summer season has finally arrived in Varanasi. With the summer season comes our urgent need to hydrate our bodies. While plain water is good for hydration, there’s something else much healthier and flavourful than simple water. Yes, we are talking about coconut water.

Today, Varanasi Hospital, the best hospital in Varanasi is here to tell you how coconut water is great for your health and why you should drink it first thing in the morning.

Keeps the body perfectly hydrated


Keeps the body perfectly hydrated

If there’s one drink that gives your proper nourishment and hydration, it’s none other than nariyal paani. Coconut water contains electrolytes which help in rehydration. Drinking it on an empty stomach in the summer mornings will ensure that your body never gets dehydrated.

Improves digestion


Improves digestion

The impressive fibre content in coconut water makes it ideal for good digestion. You should make coconut water a part of your lifestyle if you face common digestive issues, like indigestion or acid reflux.

Minimizes blood pressure


Minimizes blood pressure

Coconut water is good for people with hypertension as it contains potassium and magnesium. That’s why many medical professionals recommend blood pressure patients to consume coconut water.

Great post-workout drink


Great post-workout drink

Coconut water provides instant energy and hydration to the body. It is an excellent natural post-workout drink so ensure to gulp coconut water after your workout session.

Lowers blood sugar levels


Lowers blood sugar levels

Coconut water is good for people with diabetes as it contains magnesium, which helps in lowering the blood sugar levels.

Helps in weight loss


weight loss

Natural coconut water is low in calories and increases the metabolism of the body. The more your metabolism, the more calories you burn resulting in weight loss.

Always drink fresh and natural coconut water and stay away from packaged ones as they contain added sugar and preservatives. For any health-related issues, visit Varanasi Hospital, the best hospital in Varanasi.

Eat These Foods To Prevent Gallstones

The gallbladder is an organ that resembles the shape of a pear and is placed underneath the liver. The basic or fundamental function of the gallbladder is to collect, store and concentrate bile produced by the liver. Following a gallbladder- friendly diet is important or else it will lead to gallstones, that might lead to serious problems like cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia, cholangitis, etc.
If you are already suffering from gallstones, then you should take special care of your diet.

Gallstones reoccur frequently so doctors can recommend gallbladder stone surgery for its cure.

Gallstones are a common gallbladder issue that can be checked by making some alterations in your diet so that your risk of developing gallstones is reduced to some degree. Here are some foods that you can eat to prevent gallstones:

Whole Grains

Replace refined foods with whole-grain foods like oats, whole wheat bread, brown rice, buckwheat, as they are a healthier alternative of refined foods.

High fiber foods

Foods that have a high fiber content can reduce the risk of gallstones formation. Mention of few examples of high fiber foods can be made of- flaxseeds, black beans, kidney beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, apricots, sweet potatoes, chia seeds, and soybeans.

·Fresh fruits and vegetables:Eating an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables daily improves gallbladder’s health. So eat fruits and vegetables like,
– Oranges
– Lemons
– Apples
– Tomatoes
– Beetroot
– Cauliflower
– Broccoli
– Okra or lady’s finger
– Cabbage

Healthy Fats

Include foods with healthy fats such as- walnuts, almonds, olive oil, fish, cashews, coconut oil, eggs, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios, and yogurt, as they improve gallbladder’s health and prevent gallstones.

Iron-rich Foods

Several studies have confirmed that low-iron intake is linked with gallstones. So, consume more iron by adding high-iron foods like spinach, mushrooms, chicken liver, dried apricots, dark chocolate, unpeeled potatoes in your food.


Caffeine present in coffee reduces the risk of having gallstones but consider drinking coffee to a moderate level.

In conclusion, following a healthy diet and an active lifestyle has good effects on your gallbladder’s health. If you have any gallbladder related concerns, do not hesitate to ask for professional help from us, the best hospital in Varanasi.

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Varanasi Hospital

What makes a healthcare facility, the best hospital?

The answer is, a place where you can get the ultimate care and the best services, mainly the value of your money. One of the must-have features in the best hospitals should be the availability of laparoscopic surgery.

There are other points every patient’s family should notice while choosing the best hospital, these are as follows:

Check the Reviews:

Look for the reviews of different hospitals. Patients and their families usually give these based on their experiences in there. If the ratings are good enough and meet your requirements, you can definitely go to the hospital.

Patient Experience:

Ask an existing patient or a former one, who has been in that hospital. Ask them about their experiences. They will give you an insight of the place. They will tell you both bad and good points of the same. That way you can decide which place you can choose.

Hospital Practices:

Two measures are included under this heading, the use of electronic health records, and the availability of the state of the art technology and equipment. The doctors and nurses should be expert in their works. They should know what they are doing while treating a patient.

Advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery:

Check if the place provides laparoscopic surgery over open surgery or not. As smaller incisions are quick to heal and they are almost scarless, it is preferable for most patients. Moreover, open surgery has too many problems attached to it.

Distance from your House:

Check the distance of the hospital from your house. Because in case of an emergency you can check in to the place faster. If the admission is quick, the cure will be quicker and there will be lesser risks attached.

Know What Your Insurance Covers:

If you’ve recently learned that you need to get a surgery or so, your main focus should be to get the best care possible. However, understanding what your medical insurance covers and what it doesn’t is also essential. Choosing a hospital that ties up with many insurance agencies are better.

Consider the Doctor:

Your choice of a hospital should depend on the calibre of your physician or surgeon too. So you want to make sure that you find a good doctor. Check if the doctor is well-experienced or not. He has to be an expert if he’s a surgeon as only a well-practised surgeon can give you the assurance of getting cured of your disease.

All of these are the points determines what kind of hospital you should consider the best.

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