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We, at Varanasi Hospital, offer medical services for children ranging from a new-born baby to a teenager up to 18 years. We have a dedicated section for curing infants and children suffering from any health problem; whether it’s a minor issue or a major disease. At Varanasi Hospital, we take special pride in taking care […]

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We, at Varanasi Hospital, have an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for patients requiring quick and consistent medical attention. Our ICU has numerous beds and advanced equipment to monitor every patient struggling with a critically ill condition. Our ICU is designed to meet the needs of adult patients in unstable condition. We provide intensive care by […]

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Chest and Respiratory Medicine

We, at Varanasi Hospital, offer medicinal solutions to patients suffering from respiratory problems. We are equipped with the most advanced and useful tools for monitoring the respiratory organs of our patients. Our doctors and nurses keep a track of fluctuations in respiratory system of every patient and use appropriate medicine or equipment whenever necessary. Human […]

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At Varanasi Hospital, we offer radiology services to patients suffering from a diverse range of health problems. In this branch of medicinal treatments, we take the assistance of radio-technology to identify the problem of a patient and develop an appropriate approach to cure them. The team of doctors and assistants at the Varanasi Hospital are […]

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We, at Varanasi Hospital, detect a disease through various pathological tests. We follow the advanced laboratory analysis procedures to ensure utmost relevancy and accuracy of reports. The test of blood & bodily fluids includes analysis of saliva, blood, semen, pleural fluid, cervical fluid, ascitic fluid and pericardial fluid. Our pathologists analyze the health condition and […]

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