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Liver Surgery

I have made an important discovery… that alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities, produces all the effects of intoxication.-Oscar Wilde

Liver and alcohol, they never match. Even one dose of alcohol surely puts an adverse effect on the liver. Though the liver can process a certain amount of alcohol from time to time, if a person goes for excessive alcohol consumption, the liver won’t process the alcohol fully. The person will become intoxicated as a result and will start having many complications. High alcohol consumption can damage the liver cells and cause fatty liver, chronic liver disease, and scarred liver. It can even lead to liver cancer which can only be managed effectively with Liver surgery.

Let’s understand how the liver gets affected by alcohol consumption.

How Alcohol Affect The Liver?

The liver helps to filter out the harmful substances from the body and help to transform essential nutrients, vitamins, and medicines into substances, which our body needs. The liver also purifies the blood and produce bile for digestion.

A liver cannot process any alcoholic beverages quickly. Too much of alcohol consumption makes it quite difficult for the liver to process and thus, most of it passes along the circulatory system. As a result, it put an adverse effect on the body, particularly on the brain and heart. Regular consumption of alcohol, moreover, causes catastrophic effects on the liver. It damages the liver cells, triggering cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Fatty liver is the most common complication of alcohol consumption.

Symptoms Of Liver Disease:

People who regularly consume alcohol, develop a higher risk of liver disease. Moreover, who has a family history with a liver problem can also have a high risk of liver disease, even with much lesser alcohol consumption. The alcoholic liver disease carries many recognizable symptoms, such as-

1. Fever and Shivering,

2. Jaundice,

3. Fluid build-up in the abdomen,

4. Irritation in the skin (itching and burning sensation),

5. Blood in vomit and stools,

6. Internal bleeding,

7. Rapid weight loss,

8. Weakness and muscle spasm,

Treatment For Liver Disease:

Avoid Alcohol:

For people, who are diagnosed with fatty liver disease, it is better to stop drinking alcohol immediately, because a mild, fatty liver can heal over time, by doing so. However, when this becomes chronic there is a much lesser possibility to heal without medication and might even lead to Liver Surgery. But drinking alcohol will interfere with the treatment and the patient must quit it anyhow.


Proper medicines can help reduce inflammation and can improve the liver condition, but only over time and mostly mild fatty liver.

Lifestyle Change:

Lifestyle change can also be very effective to deal with fatty liver. Positive changes like quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy diet, and daily exercise, etc. can also improve the liver condition.

For patients with a serious condition, the doctor advises extensive medications. But if there is not much improvement happens, they may recommend undergoing liver surgery.

On this alcohol awareness month, Varanasi Hospital encourages the individual to quit alcohol and resume a healthy lifestyle.

Hernia Surgery

Hernia surgery is performed to fix a hernia, it happens when a portion of an internal organ budges out through an abdominal opening. A hernia is very common amongst both men and women. It can be detected, while lifting heavy things, coughing, sneezing, also during exercising. The hernia can develop over time or it can be intrinsic as well. If it budges out more often during coughing and sneezing, Hernia Surgery becomes inevitable.

Hernia surgery can be done in two ways, open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. Almost every expert doctor prefers laparoscopic surgery for ensuring the maximum benefits of the patient. With the help of the laparoscopic surgery, a patient can recover quickly and go home the very same or the following day.

Here are some tips to follow after hernia surgery for a faster recovery.

1. Take rest for a few days after surgery. You can walk slowly in the room though, as it increases circulation. But do not walk too fast, otherwise, it can strain the abdomen.

2. Follow the diet your doctor provided. Eat fiber foods, fresh fruits, and green vegetables. Vegetables are good to avoid constipation and mitigate excess pressure built up.

3. Drink a lot of water and other fluids, which help you to recover from the pain quickly and promote healing the incision areas. You will get back to normal life soon.

4. Use a pillow while coughing and sneezing. Hold it against the belly to reduce the pain and shock.

5. Do not lift any load for a few weeks after the operation. If needed, you can start with light things first, after a few weeks.

6. Avoid driving while continuing the pain medications as driving can strain the incision areas. Consult with your doctor about the ideal time to resume driving.

7. Take care of the incision areas and regularly change the bandages or band-aids as per instruction.

8. Wear comfortable and lightweight clothes, preferably made up of cotton, which are easy to change.

9. Gently dry out the incision areas with a soft towel after a shower.

10. Do not work out and engage in any sports activities for a few weeks after the surgery. Consult with your doctor about it.

Stick to your doctor’s advice properly, take proper medication and follow these steps, so that you can recover from your hernia surgery and can get back to your normal life quickly. In case of any swelling, fever, or bleeding, see your doctor immediately.

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease or Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis liver disease is a ‘silent’ disease. It affects nonalcoholic people (who do not consume any kind of alcohol). It happens due to storing too much fat in the liver. This disease is very common in the world and similar to the alcoholic fatty liver.

In case it gets in serious condition, this disease could lead to inflammation, scarring, and irreversible damage. In such cases, it requires the best liver surgery to overcome it. Many people go through different kind of symptoms. Some of them have no symptoms at all and some of them figure out this fatty liver condition through a diagnostic test. Today, let’s find out the symptoms of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease-

Usually fatty liver occurs when more than 5 percent of fat gets stored in our liver. If any patients have mild fatty liver they may go through these symptoms-

  • Enlargement of the Liver.
  • Feeling exhausted all the time.
  • Continuous pain on the right side of the upper abdomen.
  • A poor tendency to eat and persistent indigestion.
  • Unexplained Weight loss.

If your fatty liver gets into a serious condition (scarring and damaging), these symptoms may occur,-

  • The abdomen will get bigger or larger
  • Onset of Jaundice
  • Internal bleeding in the intestine
  • Liver function may get stopped
  • Mentally confusion may incur

Nonalcoholic fatty liver, preferably connected to insulin hormone. Insulin helps our liver to excess glucose. When our body needs glucose, insulin helps to take glucose from the blood. Too many fats in the liver create insulin resistance. When it occurs, our body cells do not respond to insulin. In that way, the liver ends up with storing more fat, which leads to damaging and scarring the liver.

If you are facing any of these above signs, make an appointment with your doctor today. Generally, the fatty liver disease gets treated by proper medication and weight reducing program, if you have a mild one. In case of severely damaging or scarring, it may take the best liver surgery to heal properly.



Pancreatic Cancer

The pancreas is 6 inches long flat pear-shaped gland, lies horizontally behind the lower part of the stomach (between the stomach and the spine). The pancreas releases digestive fluid, which helps in digestion and control blood sugar. Pancreatic cancer occurs when patients have pancreatitis, diabetes, family history of pancreatic cancer or excessive smoking.

Chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer may lead to Pancreatic Surgery. Here are some common FAQs on pancreatic cancer, we listed down-

Where does pancreatic cancer happen?

Pancreatic cancer generally happens in the pancreatic tube, where the pancreatic juice flows. It is also called the carcinoma of the pancreas.

Am I allowed to drink alcohol after being diagnosed with pancreatitis?

Drinking alcohol is an unwise choice for anyone, but any trouble with the digestive system, you need to put a full-stop on alcohol consumption immediately. You should not drink once you have diagnosed with pancreatitis as well. For chronic pancreatitis patients, alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.

Can Pancreatic cancer be prevented?

Generally, it can’t be preventive always. But if you keep track of it through timely screenings, it can be prevented. There is a chance of reducing the risk of cancer by maintaining a healthy diet, weight loss program, lessening the alcohol consuming and by stop smoking.

Why is pancreatic cancer not diagnosed in the early stage?

Pancreatic cancer often does not show any clear, early symptoms. Most of the cancers, thus, remained unidentified. It shows prominent symptoms when it is already spread over other parts of the body.

Is there any relation with the gene for pancreatic cancer?

It can occur because of the gene. There is a higher chance of pancreatic cancer if you have any family history, also with pancreatic cancer. You can go for a genetic consultation about pancreatic cancer.

Is it possible to get a full recovery from pancreatic cancer?

It might be possible, but only with timely diagnosis and quality treatment.

What will happen if you need to remove pancreas?

You can live without a pancreas. You will be a diabetic patient and you need to take insulin regularly. But it might be required to address severe pancreas conditions.

Should I undergo surgery?

It depends on the condition of the pancreas. You need to discuss with your doctor about Pancreatic Surgery. If your doctor finds it critical then you might need to undergo surgery.

There are a lot of other questions regarding pancreatic cancer. Feel free to ask us in the comment section below and Stay tuned for the next part.

Keep Your Liver Healthy

The liver plays an important role in our digestive system. What we eat and drink regularly, all pass through our digestive system with the help of the liver. It is a wedge-shaped organ located on the right side of your abdomen. In most of the cases, the symptoms stay undetected for long and ultimately requires Liver Surgery for treatment. Varanasi Hospital is one of the Best Liver Surgery Hospital in India. However, if you get more conscious from the start, your liver will work perfectly till the end.

Here is how you will take care of your liver-

#Exercise Regularly:

Make this as your habit. Keep your weight in control by doing exercise regularly. You can prevent nonalcoholic fatty liver disease if you exercise regularly.

#Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Too much alcohol consumption can damage the liver permanently. It can end up with cirrhosis, which can be deadly. So, have alcohol in mild quantity, if you must.

#Maintain A Balanced Diet

maintain a balanced diet

Avoid any kind of junk foods, fried foods, undercooked or raw foods, high-calorie foods, red meats, chocolates, high carbohydrate-based food (white bread, pasta, rice, potato). Eat more green vegetables, fibre-based foods, low-fat dairy products, fish, meat, nuts, vegetable oils.

#Be Cautious About Medicines

Maintain A Balanced Diet

Certain medicines and drugs can cause side effects, which are harmful for your liver. Most of the cases, some of the painkillers can damage the liver function. It is best to consult with your doctor to know the safest way to take the medicines.

#Quit Smoking

quit smoking

Smoking is a faster way to damage the liver as it can cause Hepatitis C and other conditions. So quit smoking if you want to keep your liver healthy.

#Get Vaccination


Take the vaccine for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B before it harms your liver. Get all the vaccinations at the right time.

#Maintain Hygiene


Wash your hands before eating. Do not use any contaminated needles, razors which make direct contact with your skin.

Timely measurement is the best way to fight with liver disease. Varanasi Hospital provides a large range of liver surgery. In case if you diagnosed with any early symptoms, contact us for any liver oriented issues. We can assure you with the best!

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