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Varanasi Hospital’s Nutrition Guide: Eat Eggplants For A Healthy Body 

We all love to relish mouth-watering baingan bharta or chokhabaingan ki kalaunjibaingan musallam, baghare baingan etc with rice or roti. Did you know how healthsome eggplants or aubergines can be?
Read Varanasi Hospital, one of the best hospitals in Varanasi’s nutrition guide on the health benefits of including eggplants in your diet.

Good For Hypertension


Brinjals are good for the ones suffering from hypertension. They have less amount of sodium in them, thus perfect for the ones with high blood pressure.

Helpful In Regulating Blood Sugar


Eggplants have a low glycemic index and as we know, foods with a low GI are ideal for the ones with high blood sugar.

Beneficial For Anaemics


You suffer from anaemia when your body does not produce enough RBCs or if your RBCs do not produce adequate haemoglobin. Eggplants are rich in iron which is extremely important in combating anaemia.

Relieve Constipation


Foods that are rich in fibre are considered the best for treating constipation. Eggplant has a lot of fibre so it gives you instant relief from constipation and even improves the overall digestive system.

Great For The Brain


Phytonutrients in eggplants are beneficial for improving the cognitive functioning of the brain.

Amazing For The Heart


Eggplants keep your blood pressure in check and reduce bad cholesterol, hence being your heart’s best friend.

Excellent For The Bones


Aubergines are rich in calcium and iron, both of which foster healthy bones. Studies even suggest that consumption of eggplants can prevent bone diseases, like osteoporosis.

Thus, brinjals are an amazing addition to your daily diet. Take good care of your health by eating healthy, drinking healthy, exercising regularly, and also by getting regular health screenings from Varanasi Hospital, the best hospital in Varanasi for quality medical treatment. Apart from medical consultations, we offer a varied range of laparoscopic surgeries – liver surgeryhernia surgery, appendix surgery and so on with the help of qualified laparoscopic surgeons.


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