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A Complete Guide On Tuberculosis By The Best Hospital In Varanasi

A Complete Guide On Tuberculosis By The Best Hospital In Varanasi

Tuberculosis is a contagious or infectious disease caused by the bacteria, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and generally affects the lungs but can infect other parts of the body, like spine, liver, kidney, bones, and the brain. If the bacteria infect the lungs, it is called Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Today is World Tuberculosis Day so Varanasi Hospital, the best hospital in Varanasi is about to provide you with a complete guide on Tuberculosis.


There are two major types of TB as mentioned below


Latent Tuberculosis, an inactive, non-communicable, and symptomless TB infection. If left ignored and without treatment, it can become an active TB infection.
Active Tuberculosis, an active, contagious TB infection that needs immediate treatment.
Miliary TB, a grave TB infection in which the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis multiplies and infects more than one or two organs at once. If left untreated, it can become fatal.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis


1. Cough that lasts for 3 weeks or longer
2. Pain in the chest
3. Fever and Chills
4. Unintentional weight loss
5. Fatigue
6. Poor appetite
7. Shortness of breath
8. Night sweats
9. Blood in phlegm.

If you’ve noticed the above symptoms in yourself, immediately visit your nearest hospital in Varanasi without fail.

Causes of Tuberculosis


a. Weak immunity
b. Age (young children are vulnerable to Mycobacterium tuberculosis)
c. Malnourishment
d. Exposure to TB germs
e. Diabetes
f. Chronic Kidney disease
g. HIV
h. Poor hygiene
i. Smoking
j. Drug abuse.

Diagnosis for Tuberculosis


Certain medical tests are performed by medical professionals to confirm Tuberculosis. They are as follows:

1. Blood test, which is called Interferon Gamma Release Assay or IGRA is used to discover TB germs in the body.
2. Skin test or Mantoux tuberculin skin test in which PPD tuberculin is injected in the patient’s body to check for swelling. If swelling is observed, then it proves the presence of TB infection.
3. Nucleic acid amplification tests or sputum test to find TB infection.
4. X-ray of the chest region is conducted to confirm pulmonary tuberculosis.

Treatment for Tuberculosis


In the case of drug-resistant and latent TB, antibiotics are prescribed.
Drugs are suitable for an active TB infection.

Getting timely diagnosis and treatment is mandatory if you have a cough that lasts for more than three weeks. Visit Varanasi Hospital, the best hospital in Varanasi for any medical treatment.

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