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Avoid 5 Five Food Items, If You Are Suffering From Gallstones

Gallbladder Stone Surgery

Gallstones are not something any living person on earth can ever desire. These symptom-less small stones occur in the gall bladder of a person due to excessive cholesterol and bilirubin deposition. It is sometimes difficult to diagnose it because during the initial stage often it does not show adequate symptoms that prompt people to go seek a doctor. Usually, people rush to the hospital only when they encounter severe and intolerable pain in the right side of their abdomen.

Once a person is diagnosed with gallstones, the best option to get rid of these stones is by undergoing a gallbladder stone surgery. While it is understandable that not everyone prefers surgery, hence medications are available for the same to terminate gallstones. In a gallbladder stone surgery, the surgeon removes the patient’s gallbladder altogether as it is a known fact that gallstones have a probability of recurring again. Thus, the gallstones can be treated permanently only with a surgery.

However, until the gallstone operation is carried out, following a proper diet is very crucial. The food items that a person with this condition should strictly avoid at all costs include:

  • Highly processed and fried foods: Foods like cookies, French fries and anything that is deep-fried and comes inside a tinned can must be avoided. It also includes products that are commercially baked (cookies, biscuits, cakes, etc).
  • High-fat meats: It is no-brainer that meats with high-fat content such as red meat etc need to be avoided as it strains the digestive system of the patient suffering from gallstones.
  • High-fat dairy products: Milk products such as milk, butter, cheese and anything that contains milk are prohibited for the person having gallstones.
  • Refined white foods: Foods like white sugar, white bread, white pasta, refined white flour, white rice, etc also comes under the category of “forbidden food” for a gallstones patient.
  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco: Consumption of alcohol and tobacco causes irreparable damage to one’s liver, so it should be ensured that the patient who has gallstones avoid it at any cost.
  • Spicy foods:We all crave spicy foods once in a while, but it is really harmful for people having gallstones. So, stop adding chillies and spices to your meals. Specifically, avoid it post your gallstone operation.

So, try to avoid the aforementioned food items, if you are dealing with gallstones. . Also, you must include fresh citrus fruits and green vegetables, whole grains, healthy nuts, tofu, lentils, low-fat dairy, healthy fats, fiber like beans, poultry and lean protein like sardines and shellfish, olive oil etc in your diet. The mentioned diet is also suitable for patients after their gallbladder stone surgery. Varanasi Hospital offers gallbladder stone surgery. For more information, get in touch with us.

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