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Causes And Risk Factors Of Gallstone You Should Watch Out

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A pear-shaped, small organ, located beneath the liver is called gallbladder. Where bile (a digestive fluid) gets stored and concentrated before delivering into the small intestine to help in the digestion. The gallbladder is the organ where gallstones form due to solidification of the bile.

Here we will discuss few causes of gallstones along with its risk factors, in details.


Excessive cholesterol in bile:

Bile helps to alleviate the cholesterol from the body, but when the body starts to proceed too much cholesterol, the bile becomes supersaturated and the cholesterol starts to crystallize forming into stones.

The genetic factor:

A gallstone can happen if patients have any family history with gallstone. It is particularly true for first degree relatives.

Diminution of bile salts:

Bile contains bile salts. Bile salts work as natural abstergent which helps to break the fat particle from the food we eat. When the bile doesn’t contain any bile salt, the amount of cholesterol started to increase, which cause the build-up of gallstones.


There are many risk factors which can lead to gallstone formation. We are stating some common factors below

1. Crash dieting

Crash dieting leaves a patient with a high chance of having a gallstone. Skipping breakfast, meals, repetitive fasting can decrease the level of bile salt and increase the amount of cholesterol in the body, which may lead to gallstones.

A low-calorie diet, totally deprived of fat can also develop gallstone.

2. Obesity

Obesity has been yet another cause of gallstone. Obese People with high BMI are highly susceptible to have gallstones.

3. Certain Medication

Some drugs have been found to lead towards developing gallstones,. These comprise of pharmaceutical drugs, such as cholesterol-lowering drugs, weight-loss drugs, oral contraceptive pills etc.

4. Being Women

Women are at higher risk of having gallstones than men. When it comes to men, age is yet another factor, as men between the age of 40-55 have the chance of gallstones than any other age range.

5. Unexplained Weight Loss

Weight loss due to weight loss surgery or sentences gym session has metabolism principle, but rapid weight loss without any probable cause may also be due to underlying gallstones.

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