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Laparoscopic Hernia Operation brings a positive change


As a patient, it is common to feel nervous while undergoing hernia surgery. The traditional surgery consists of a procedure where a big open cut is made on the patient’s abdominal area followed by carrying out an exhaustive surgical procedure. The event is followed by a long period of bed rest for the patient as the surgery wound takes time to heal. Alternatively, Laparoscopic Hernia Operation has brought about a revolution in this field where patients experience a painless and scarless form of surgery.

The significance of Laparoscopic Hernia Operation

Laparoscopic or keyhole hernia operation is a revolution that has allowed patients to overcome the persisting problem within a shorter time frame. Under this form of surgery, the surgeon makes use of minimally invasive medical tools that make a small penetration into the abdomen. In the next step, they operate with the help of a camera that gives them a clear of the patient’s organs on the attached TV screen in the operation theatre. Once the surgery has been executed, the patient is required to stay for 4-5 days (depending on the nature of recovery) in the hospital and head back to home. There have also been instances where patients have started to do their routine work within 15 days of the operation.

With the advancement of medical science, healthcare has become a less painful process. Since the penetration into the body is minimal, the patients feel minor pain during the surgery and post-surgery, the wounds heal faster as compared to open surgery. Laparoscopic surgeries became famous from the 1990s, but during the initial stages, not many patients were confident about it. However, with time patients saw the quality results and the pain-free experience. Now a days, the first preference of patients is to undergo Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery as they have complete faith in the process as well as on the surgeons.

For a developing nation like India, it is important to ensure that quality healthcare becomes accessible even in non-metro cities. Places like Varanasi are also well-equipped with facilities that can offer Laparoscopic Hernia Operation. Nonetheless, patients are requested to go with the surgeon’s advice. Often it is considered best to go with the laparoscopic surgery unless it is said otherwise by the doctors, which is quite rare.

In a nutshell, the laparoscopic hernia surgery is replacing the open hernia surgery vastly.

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