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5 Foods to keep your Diabetes Effectively Under Control


Since we are the best laparoscopic surgery hospital in Varanasi, it is a humanitarian effort by us to raise awareness regarding diabetes- the silent killer of your health. We are observing World Diabetes Day on 14th of November, hence it is important for us to help the people prone to have diabetes, with their diet. We are going to present 5 healthy eatables that can lower your sugar level. Rising level of blood sugar beyond control can act poisonous in our body. People tend to ignore the early symptoms of the disease, thus it grows inside our body and ultimately, the high glucose level affects our organs.

Pancreas helps to keep the blood glucose level in control by discharging insulin. As diabetes causes the organ to resist insulin production, in a way, it also affects the activity of the organ for which it would take a toll on the health for a longer period. Diabetes mainly makes our health lose its normalcy gradually and its results can be life threatening also. It can further create complications for pancreatic functions on a long-term that may result in pancreas inflammation. Many of the Patients who came to us for laparoscopic pancreatic surgery have been diagnosed with diabetes as well. Therefore, we should be aware of the facts that can cause the disease and how we can prevent it.

The most effective way to prevent diabetes is to maintain a healthy lifestyle along with consuming proper, healthy food. Food is an important influence for the diabetic patient since its digestion is related to the amount of glucose release in blood. However, you might wonder what would be the best food to control diabetes. Yes, we heard you!

1. Citrus Fruits:

Pulps of citrus fruits like grapes and oranges provide a lot of fibre. Ensure to have the whole fruit instead of drinking the juice. Eating the entire fruit can actually reduce the risk while only having the juice can ensure a little good.

2. Bitter Gourd:

Karela or Bitter gourd is the oldest diabetes remedy in the Indian households. It contains few natural substances that can lower high glucose disposal. Moreover, it has the lectin that helps to suppress appetite and also reduces the chance of diabetes.

3. Methi Seeds:

Fenugreek or Methi seeds are effective to reduce the digestion rate of carbs and starch. It is found that 100 grams of methi seeds can effectively control the fasting sugar level in blood.

4. Oats:

It may not taste heavenly, but ever thought why it is always being prescribed for the diabetes patients? It’s soluble fibre which forms a paste while being mixed with water, acts as a sticky barrier between the starch and digestive enzymes. Having it regularly can help manage diabetes.

5. Millets and Dal (Legumes):

Millets like Ragi, Bajra are loaded with minerals which can lower the type 2 diabetes risk. Similarly, dal which is a common preparation in India would reduce the risk of diabetes. These are the rich source of high protein, high fibre, low calorie, and low fat.

Include them in your everyday diet and trim diabetes effectively.

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