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5 Myths And Facts About Liver Disease

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“A myth is an image in terms of which we try to make sense of the world.”- Alan Watts

Liver diseases are very prevalent these days, that so many people are getting liver operation. An untreated or prolonged liver disease can result in cancer or cirrhosis.

However, liver disease doesn’t mean it can’t be treated or people won’t get better. There are some myths about liver diseases that have plagued so many people’s mind. Here we present the 5 facts about the colloquial myths regarding liver diseases for everyone’s convenience.

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Alcoholics get affected by the liver disease:

Facts– Liver diseases are not circulated among alcohol drinkers. There are several other reasons to get affected by a liver disease. The non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is one of them. It doesn’t affect a person for alcohol drinking, a completely non-drinker can have this. It can onset in people who are suffering from diabetes, obesity and having an increased level of triglycerides in the blood.

A regular blood test can detect liver disease:

Facts– Normal blood tests that are prescribed by doctors aren’t the ones that can detect any liver disease. This requires different blood tests like ASAT and ALAT. These are the tests that can detect the underlying damage of the liver. It can detect if the liver cells are getting destroyed or the bile secretion.

Yellow skin can show up for liver disease:

Facts– There are so many liver diseases that don’t even show any signs of it. Cirrhosis, hepatitis a, b or c might show after so many years. Normal pain or ache in the stomach might have seen which can happen for a bad diet.

Coffee is good:

Facts– It’s definitely good if no sugar is added and not taken more than 3 times a day. Limited intake of coffee will keep the liver healthy, as it has proven for cirrhosis.

Myths will be there so will be the facts. However, setting a blind eye to the myths might be harmful, so it’s better to know the facts behind every myth. It will not only keep the darkness away and also keep one away from getting a liver operation.


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