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Prevalance of Laparoscopic surgery in India

Laparoscopic surgery Varanasi

Treatment through diet and medication has been a common practice in India for ages. Often people mistakenly assume surgery to be a new thing in the realm of healthcare. However, it is just an understatement, especially for us. In India, the surgical cure has been a remedy since the age of Sushrut. Today, we witness an extreme revolution of surgery, i.e the laparoscopic surgery. Let’s understand why it is becoming so prevalent these days.

The laparoscopic surgery, unlike the open surgery, is carried out through a few minor incisions made near the site of the damage. Needless to say, it has fewer surgical and post-surgical complications. At first, when the laparoscopic surgery made its entrance, many orthodox institutes shared their concern over it. Even though its viability is yet to be established in several specialties, its statistics speak for itself, within this short duration of 4-5 decades.

Statistically, it has been found that most of the leading healthcare providers are offering laparoscopic surgery to as high as 80-90 percent of the patients. It is predominantly true for surgeries operated int he abdominal region. Moreover, procedures like colectomy, gastrectomy, rectal resection, solid organ surgery are exclusively being carried out through this advanced surgical method.

The statistics are overwhelming particularly in case of the obesity surgery. As obesity surgery itself is a quite modern surgical approach to resolve obesity, approximate 99 percent of the cases are executed laparoscopically. In fact, the open surgery is done only for the high-risk patients.

This state-of-the-art technology overcomes multiple drawbacks that are associated with traditional, open surgery. It is becoming the preferred surgical approach for both patients and the doctors. In fact, the reason for not operation through a laparoscopic approach is due to the medical institute’s own shortcoming. These factors often include insufficient knowledge or training, lack of resources, ignorance, not acknowledging the learning curve etc.

Even though the open surgery technique has an immense contribution towards our healthcare till date, we are particularly thankful for the laparoscopic surgical approach. Clearly, it is the present and the future of surgery of medical treatment.

At Varanasi Hospital, we offer and recommend laparoscopic surgery for many surgical departments. Even though we do offer open surgery for the high-risk cases, we do recommend the laparoscopic surgery procedure to most of our patients.

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