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Hernia Faqs Part 2

Hernia Surgery Varanasi

Misinformation often drives people away from seeking proper medical help. As already discussed, a hernia is an illness that requires prompt treatment to ensure safety. Here we bring another common frequently asked questions regarding a hernia along with its medically proven solution.

What complications a HERNIA  has?

A hernia is itself not a very life-threatening illness, however, once it left untreated for a long time, it may bring unwanted complications. Namely, strangulation and obscuration of bowel

  • Strangulation- when a portion of intestine squeezes out of the body and projects through the weak spot.
  • Obscuration- when a portion of a hernia gets blocked on the passage of the bowel.

Can a HERNIA be treated with oral medication?

No matter how convincing and tempting, oral medication sounds. It cannot be a permanent solution. In contrast, it often makes the patient seek medical treatment, only when things get out of hand and develops severe complications.

Can it be treated with massage therapy?

Several message therapy claims to fix a hernia, and its initial procedure seems convincing too. These mostly involve pushing the hernia back through the weak spot through applying pressure.. however, it is not safe as it can cause incarceration and strangulation, which not only makes the hernia repair treatment, tricky but can also cause severe tissue damage.

What is the permanent solution for HERNIA?

The hernia repair surgery is the best way of treating a hernia for once and for all. The surgery involves pushing the hernia back into the cavity and secure the weak spot by a surgical mesh. The surgery can either be open or laparoscopic in nature. The laparoscopic surgery is a much easier approach and is preferred by most doctors and patients.

Is surgery safe?

The hernia surgery is absolutely safe. In fact, it is one of the most common invasive procedure, which is carried out throughout the world. The risk of any infection or bleeding is always present in case of any surgical procedure, and hernia repair surgery is no exception. However, having a laparoscopic hernia surgery addresses several of the drawbacks of these complications. In fact, the person can get back to resuming his daily activity in mater of few after a laparoscopic surgery.

Can a HERNIA recur?

Unfortunately, a hernia can recur. In fact having a previous surgery increases the risk of having a hernia in future significantly. Thus, a laparoscopic hernia is always preferred over a traditional open hernia surgery.

Thus, we hope, people now get the truth behind the popular health misconceptions and seek medical help after for the same, without unnecessary delay.

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