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A Hernia Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers Part 1

Frequently Asked Questions

A hernia is an illness that often evokes several questions in people. When they don’t get accurate solutions of Laparoscopic Hernia Operation, they often get misdirected. Thus, today, we bring the answers of some of the most frequently asked questions

Q: What is a hernia?

A: A hernia is a medical condition in which a portion of the internal tissue, organ or fat protrudes out through a small opening.

Q: What are the weak spots that cause a hernia?

A: This small opening is often a weak point in the abdominal wall or the natural opening of the body such as the belly button, or it may be a weak spot from an early surgery.

Q: Who is at a risk of developing a hernia?

A: Three factor makes a person more susceptible to a hernia, namely, the age, obesity, and smoking. Though several individuals do suffer from a hernia after pregnancy and sport a hernia as well, which happens due to overexertion of pressure on muscles and tissues.

Q: Can a hernia be a birth defect?

A: Yes, unfortunately, few individual born with an extremely weak inguinal canal which develop into a hernia over the duration of years. Also, several infants suffer from an umbilical hernia. Though most resolve on its own, few do need surgical intervention to correct it.

Q: Can you prevent a hernia?

A: Unfortunately not. Though the risk of having one can be diminished significantly by maintaining a balanced diet and routine exercise, the possibility cannot be eliminated entirely. For some, it may be a congenital factor as well.

Q: Is hernia life threatening?

A: Mostly, it is not. But that does not mean, under any circumstances that it should be worn by the patient like a badge of honor. A hernia surgery is a usual procedure if treated in the initial days. If it is left untreated for a long time, it may develop several complications that may possess severe consequences.

Q: Does a hernia cause pain?

A: It is not a very painful condition for most of the time. However, during sentences exercise, heavy lifting and coughing etc, you may feel mild to major pain, depending upon the stage and overall medical condition. A sharp, sudden pain in a hernia is a sign of the sudden growth of a hernia and should be addressed immediately.

Here are some of the basic FAQs about a hernia and their answers. We will bring several more aspects in the future as well regarding Laparoscopic Hernia Operation.

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