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Is Surgery The Only Effective Treatment For Hernia?

Laparoscopic Hernia Operation

There are four types of a hernia including an inguinal hernia, Hiatal Hernia, Umbilical Hernia & Incisional hernia. It occurs mostly in the abdominal area & a surgical procedure especially a laparoscopic hernia operation is the best & the most common way to provide a long lasting relief treatment. However, if a hernia is small & not causing any kind of symptoms then a good diet, regular exercise & yoga may help. On the other hand, if a hernia has already started growing & there is a possibility of incarceration then only a surgical procedure will be able to fix it.

Some patients feel that wearing hernia belts, corsets, trusses or binders will make repair a hernia. These are temporary approaches & will not help in the treatment of a hernia in any way. The belts might also cause skin infection, damage & break down because of constant chafing & rubbing. Thus, only a surgical procedure is the ultimate solution for a hernia repair.

A hernia can be repaired with 2 types of surgical methods namely

  • Open Surgery

During open or traditional surgery, a large incision is made on the skin of the abdomen & the surgeon will operate a hernia through the incision.

  • Laparoscopic Surgery

A laparoscopic hernia operation is a minimally invasive surgery. Only small incisions are made on the skin of the abdomen. A surgical instrument known as the Laparoscope with a camera attached to it is introduced into the abdomen through the incision. The camera transmits images to the monitor which helps the surgeon perform the hernia treatment surgery.

In both the methods, synthetic mesh is applied on the weak tissues to prevent the emergence of a hernia again. However, an open surgery is painful & the patient requires a long period of time to recover, whereas, on the other hand, a laparoscopic hernia operation is invasive & the patient recovers in no time with invisible scars post-surgery.

Many doctors prescribe certain medicines like antibiotics & painkillers to the patients suffering from a hernia. This is because a hernia is painful & these medicines help the patients to deal with the immense pain until the surgery & also to avoid any kind of side infections.

A hernia should not be left untreated because it may become more painful as a large portion of the intestines might get trapped inside the abdominal wall causing severe pain, constipation & nausea as well. If the trapped intestines do not receive enough blood flow then it may result in strangulation & the intestinal tissues might get infected. A strangulated hernia is dangerous & life-threatening & it requires immediate medical attention.

Overall, a surgical procedure is the best effective treatment for a hernia, however, it is essential for the patients to consult with the surgeons & doctors before applying for the surgery.

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