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Hernia Operation – Why Surgery Is the Only Effective Treatment for Hernia?

hernia surgery in Varanasi

You must have come across several advertisements stating that their oral medication or therapy sessions will cure the hernia permanently. But if it was that simple to treat hernia, why the need for surgery ever evolved in the world of medicine? You can bid good bye to the unnecessary protrusion quite easily.

With time, the approach of open hernia surgery transformed into laparoscopic hernia operation for the betterment of patients. But, wouldn’t it be much better if hernia could be cured by mere message sessions? We could have mitigated the need of the spilling of blood and scars altogether.

Yes, it would have much better, but sadly, it is not a viable solution for curing hernia. If the tempting internet pages and video lessons make you want to believe that it is quite possible, then hold your horses and think before going for the same. Why? Let’s understand it in depth.

There is no denying that by following a good diet, regular yoga and exercise, you can almost mitigate hernia from occurring ever. However, in case it is already in action, any of the above mentioned mantras will almost never work to fix it. But you will often find that several doctors prescribe certain medicines to the patients suffering from a hernia. Why is that?

It is quite simple. Even though hernia is not a fatal condition, it is certainly a painful one. Giving some medicines such as painkiller and antibiotics helps the patient to deal with the pain until the surgery and also aids to minimize the chances of infection near the site.

Lots of non-conventional health clinics use several mumbo jumbo techniques to give temporary benefits in the name of treatment. But there is a huge difference between suppressing the pain, mitigating its discomfort and to cure it permanently.

Thus, if you ever come across having this medical condition, make a wise judgement and opt for surgery. Don’t let the fear of long time recovery and surgery marks make you think otherwise. Besides, in this modern era, you can always opt for the laparoscopic hernia operation. It is executed with the help of state of the art medical technologies, which enables speedy recovery, with very minimal involvement of blood or scars.

Varanasi Hospital is among the few hospitals in Uttar Pradesh to offer laparoscopic surgery to cure hernia. If you are experiencing the pain of hernia and want to overcome it through the safest approach, step in to our hospital where Dr. Manish Jindal specializes in curing hernia through the least invasive procedure.

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