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Jaundice: Brief Introduction and How It Is Connected To the Liver

People have various skin colors, fair, whitish and dark. But there is one particular shade of skin color nobody wishes to wear. The yellow. No, it is not related to the festival of colors-holy, but rather the medical condition of Jaundice, which is often characterized by getting yellow skin, nails, teeth and sometimes even the white portion of the eye. Jaundice is closely associated with the overall condition of the liver.

So, let’s first understand the basic function of liver before exploring several aspects of jaundice.

A portal vein collects blood from various organs such as pancreas, spleen, intestine and gallbladder and then transport it to the liver. After completing a flow within, it travels back to through the hepatic vein. It is important that this passage remains block-free all the time, otherwise any blockage can cause disruption and ultimately requires a liver operation in Varanasi.

During the recycling process of blood, when the hemoglobin component is broken down, the content of bilirubin exceeds beyond normal. Usually this bilirubin is removed from the body, mostly from the stool and in traces from the urine. If these does not function properly, then the bilirubin starts to deposit on the skin itself, causing jaundice.

It also leads to formation of light colored stool and dark colored urine. Several people feel itchiness and irritation in the skin all over the body. In case of infants and newborns, jaundice may cause severe problems in the form of temporary or permanent brain damage, a condition called the Kernicterus.

Now reverting back to the topic of jaundice, let’s explore the possible reasons for the same-

  • Use of drugs that damage the liver
  • Hindrance in the flow of bile
  • The condition of hyperbilirubinemia onsets
  • Destruction of red blood cells, thus favoring the prior mentioned condition

Now, it is clear that a diseased or malfunctioning liver is closely associated with the onset of jaundice. Thus, proper care must be exercised towards the health and functionality of this organ. And in case, any of the symptoms become prominent, an immediate checkup and diagnosis must be carried out to contain the situation as soon as possible.

Though once jaundice is in action, a liver operation in Varanasi is hardly employed to address the situation. Mostly, it is treated with medication, and proper diet long with ample amount of care and rest.

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