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Why Laparoscopic Surgery Is Particularly Helpful For Hernia Repair

Laparoscopic Surgery

Hernia has become a very common disease and hence hernia repair has become a common procedure. Several people stick to the traditional open surgery while several other patients are going for the advanced laparoscopic hernia operation.

Let’s understand in brief, why laparoscopy is very helpful, especially for the hernia repair operation.

A hernia is a condition of the internal organ partially pushes out of any weak spot on the outer membrane of skin. This weak spot could either be the natural opening of the body or a site of previous surgery. Any prior surgery, especially in the abdominal region enhances the chances of occurrence of hernia.

Thus, clearly an open hernia repair increases the chance of its recurrence significantly. That is why the laparoscopic hernia operation is advised to keep this recurrence as less and far as possible. A laparoscopic operation is done by making 4-5 incisions of length about one fourth of an inch. Through these incisions, the surgeon inserts camera, light and other equipment inside.

These equipments are moved and the hernia is pushed back inside. In case, the hernia is quite threatening and likely to recur, the spot is then guarded with a medical mesh to ensure the hernia does not protrude any further in the future. The task is much easier in case of laparoscopic hernia operation as the site of surgery is extremely small. This change greatly in case of open surgery, where a big incision is imminent in order to fix the hernia.

The open surgery is also effective to fix the hernia. In fact, for a long time, before the laparoscopic approach became the preferred method, the open surgery saved many lives and gave them a better future. However, the long incision makes the abdominal region which permanently makes it a rather weak portion and thus, increases the chances of having a hernia much more in the future.

Thus, in a nutshell, it can be safely assumed that the laparoscopic approach is a much better way to deal with hernia as compared to the traditional one. Mainly because the former offers several benefits such as faster recover, and fewer complication over the other.

The best healthcare providers in India offer the laparoscopic surgery for several domains and hernia is one of them. Before going for any particular one, one must compare the other options as well before making the choice.

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