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Pancreas Removal: Can You Live Without a Pancreas?


The greatest wealth is health. While some of the diseases are cured by medications, some need surgery. But there are some conditions which require the infected section to be removed permanently from the body itself. Few organs are extremely vital, without which a human being cannot live at all. Heart and brain are some examples. However, the absence of certain other organs can be compensated with medical intervention. Pancreatic surgery is one of such cases in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

The pancreas is a vital organ in the body that performs two major functions; namely secreting insulin and digestive enzymes. These functions are extremely vital for a healthy life, however, not vital for survival altogether. In simple words, one can live without some portion of the pancreas or the entire pancreas as a matter of fact.

There are two main kinds of pancreas removal surgery – partial and total removal.

In the partial surgery, some portion of infected pancreas is removed. It is done to stop the infection, such as cancer, from spreading into the healthy tissues surrounding it. It is usually not a threatening situation as the remaining healthy tissues of the organ keep its functions in action.

Even when the pancreas stops producing insulin, in case of diabetes type 1, the digestive enzyme secreted by it is still utilized for the bodily function. It does not require any downsizing the organ.

The total removal surgery requires the surgeon to remove the entire organ itself. However, this type of pancreas surgery is rarely done. It is done when the pancreas becomes ineffective altogether. Conditions like cystic fibrosis or chronic pancreatitis result in malfunction of pancreas in terms of both insulin and digestive enzymes.

Obviously, life after pancreatic surgery in Varanasi would never be back to pre-surgery phase. But, the functions performed by this organ can be compensated by insulin injections and oral pancreatic enzymes while having meals.

Though it may sound impossible to live without an organ altogether, but with the help of medical advancements, it is now possible. It is true that there is no substitute to a natural organ and its functions. However, with proper guidance and precaution clubbed with healthy food and lifestyle, a person can survive a lifetime without this organ.

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