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Does Every Umbilical Hernia Corrects Itself?


Some diseases affect exclusively the infants. Though it may or may not cause any serious threat to their health, it worries the parents more than the infants for obvious reasons. One of such diseases is umbilical hernia. It is bulged out of the intestine through the belly button. Unlike other types of hernia, it affects mostly infants below 2-3 years.

It is also unique in its own terms as it often gets resolved on its own without any medical assistance i.e. hernia surgery in Varanasi. Most of the time it is not even recognizable as it highlights mostly while crying or lying down.

The most important question regarding the same remains unchanged for quite some time now. Does every umbilical hernia fix automatically? Lots of parents have come lately with the report of their infants having umbilical hernia. In spite of their doctor’s advice about it being a ‘non-threatening’ situation parents can’t rely on it totally. Often parents doubt this self-curing concept regarding the umbilical hernia and for good reasons.

Sometimes, it is also observed that the hernia reduces and grows in size from time to time. Thus, its exact track becomes difficult to diagnose and apprehend. Often the doctors suggest to wait for at least a year before considering it as a serious medical condition. Sometimes this period can stretch up to as long as 2 years.

Several healthcare providers do support self-recovery, but advises the parents to keep a close eye on the condition of the hernia with respect to the time. So that proper care can be provided on time. But, if the hernia does not resolve by itself, the medical intervention becomes vital. In fact, in the recent time, for several children the hernia does not go away on its own.

Thankfully, diagnosing an umbilical hernia is usually not painful, a physical examination is sufficient for the same. The oral medicine can help the baby to offer relief from some of the symptoms and side effects such as inflammation or pain. It is helpful for only the time being and not a permanent solution. Otherwise, oral medicine does very little for the same. Thus, hernia surgery in Varanasi becomes the only viable solution.

So, if your child is having an umbilical hernia, which does not seem to fix by itself, get proper guidance regarding the same from a qualified doctor and keep a track for the same.

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