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How Diagnosis of Hernia is Carried out?


A hernia is a kind of disease that occurs when there is an organ in the body which protrudes through the muscle tissue. Human muscle is usually strong enough to hold the body organs so they remain in their specific location. But, when the muscle gets weak, it cannot hold the organ in place and it will cause Hernia. There are several types of a hernia that may occur. A timely detection and laparoscopic hernia operation can save you from undergoing lots of pain.

The Factors and Types of Hernia

There are several factors that allow someone to suffer from a hernia. Some of those factors are the pregnancy that will increase  the pressure in the abdomen, being overweight, liquid accumulation in the abdomen, heavy lifting, obesity, constipation and frequent cough. There are some types of a hernia that may occur, such as inguinal hernia, femoral hernia, umbilical hernia and hiatal hernia. You need to check up your health by visiting your doctor, especially when you experience some symptoms like persistent pain, vomit, defecating disorder and visible lump.

The Diagnosis of Hernia

The diagnosis of a hernia is usually performed using USG. In the USG process, the high sound frequency will be used to produce images of the organ. Most of the people do not realize that their abdomen walls are weak. But, this hernia can also cause intestinal disorder and blood circulation problem on the hernia tissue. Those complication conditions are dangerous.

The Surgical Process

The procedure of surgery to repair a hernia is done by two approaches. They are open surgery and laparoscopic hernia operation. There are several factors that the doctor must consider when dealing with this hernia surgery. The doctor needs to know the condition of the patient health because it will be difficult to perform the surgery if the patient is dealing with some additional complications. Your doctor also needs to know the hernia content because there is a hernia that contains the part of the intestine, muscle, and other tissues. He must also be aware of the exact location of the hernia before the surgery.

Any kinds of operation deals with certain risks. So, your doctor will explain all of the benefits and the risks of the surgery procedure that you will get. With timely treatment, hernia repair surgery yields fully satisfactory results and ensure that the hernia does not resurface back to you.

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