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Common Bile Duct Exploration – What Happens Before, During & After Surgery?

Common Bile Duct Exploration

The gallbladder is a small organ located beneath the liver. Altogether, gallbladder and liver play an important role in digestion of food by producing and channeling a digestive juice called bile. This channel is called common bile duct. If anything blocks this passage, it results into a back flow of the bile into liver. This condition is called jaundice and it can be distinguished by yellowing of skin and eye. The blockage in this channel can be detected by Common bile duct (CBD) exploration. It is one of the common procedures for gallstone operation in Varanasi.

Prior to CBD exploration

The doctor would advice the patient to have a light meal in the previous day in order to keep the digestive system relaxed. In fact, it is advised to avoid any drinks and food after midnight. Sticking to diet and medicine prescribed by doctor is vital.

During the procedure

The procedure initiates with general anesthesia, which allows the patient’s body to relax and put them into deep sleep, so that they experience no pain during the procedure. The doctor then makes a minute cut in the abdomen in order to locate the bile duct. Then he injects a dye inside the duct and takes an X-ray. This x-ray shows the location and position of the blockage.

If any stone causing blockage is found, it is removed by making an incision at the precise location. The doctor then insert a tube into the duct in order to drain bile. The tube protrudes from the skin into a bag, where the bile juice is collected and stored. This bag can be left anywhere between one to several weeks after the surgery.

Just before removing the bag, the doctor may repeat the dye procedure to ensure no more blockage in the bile channel.

After CBD exploration

After successful completion of gallstone operation in Varanasi, the patient is to stay for about two days to ensure no infection is spread. Also the patient is asked not to perform any tiring or vigorous activity for the following week. After the surgery, the patient is expected to get relief from the discomfort. The risk of having any infection of jaundice also diminishes.

Patients are advised to consult the doctor right away without any further delay, if they experience:

  • Pain in the abdomen

  • Fever

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Drainage around wound

  • Leakage around tube

  • Soreness or redness around the wound

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