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How Laparoscopic Appendix Surgeries Are Making the World a Better Place?

Appendix Surgery Varanasi

A long protracted and precarious tube that is affixed with the very beginning portion of the colon, is called the appendix. Appendix, being a small organ in the body is situated in the fourth part of the abdominal cavity. The function of appendix in the body is to help in the secretion of immunoglobulins, a protein that ensures safety from bacterial infection. Overall, It increases immunity power in the body.

However, a person can survive without this organ. If any trouble is detected in appendix then doctors suggest to remove it from the body by Laparoscopic Appendectomy Surgery. After the removal of the appendix, the immunity system adjusts its function with the help of other part of the body.


Insight into Laparoscopic Appendectomy Surgery:

Appendicitis is a common physical disorder among people. affecting approximately one in 2000 people. Laparoscopic Appendix Surgery is a effective way to get rid of this problem.

In Laparoscopic Appendix Surgery, the appendix is cut off through an incision in the abdominal wall or specifically, lower right part of the abdomen.

Surgeons generally operate by creating three small incisions which are ¼ to ½ inch each. With the help of camera and television monitor, the infection in the internal organ of the body is clearly viewed and proper procedure is carried out accordingly.

Why one goes for Laparoscopic Surgery:

The most common advantages of laparoscopic appendix surgery is that, it is comparatively bloodless and scar-less.

It offers the following advantages over the traditional surgery technique.


  • Quick recovery
  • Short span of time for staying in the Hospital
  • quicker resuming of food habit and bowel function
  • Provide a good cosmetic effect which involves no scar.
  • Easily get back to regular activity within a few weeks

What to follow after Surgery?

Doctors are your best inmate after the surgery. So it is advised to strictly follow instructions as per the doctor’s recommendation. Here is a few of the the instruction suggested by the doctors-

  • talk a walk a day after the surgery. This helps to decrease the risk of blood clots in specific body parts like leg, feet and also reduces the tendency of cramping or aches in muscles.
  • Do some light works which are suggested by the doctors to perform after two to three weeks from the surgery. Such activities are daily works such as showering, moving, walking etc.
  • Stay in touch with doctors after surgery. It is prescribed by the doctor to visit until 2-3 weeks of surgery. So that if any complication is detected, it can be handled with proper medicines and care.

Laparoscopic Appendectomy Surgery is not an easy process and thus only the experienced doctors can employ it properly. In Varanasi Hospital, Dr. Manish Jindal has been practicing it for the past 14 years. His success rate of Laparoscopic Appendectomy surgery is flying high. He has cured numerous patients till now and continues be one of the best surgeons in this field.

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